Fans on the Road

This season I was lucky enough to win a contest that allowed my wife and I to travel to Montreal and take in a Lions game, have breakfast with the team, lunch in the Presidents Club with Montreal brass and alumni, field access post game and all the beer we could drink!.

It was a fall day, sunny and warm, and the place was buzzing. It was an amazing CFL fan experience I will never forget. It is a beatifull stadium and the city and its fans are A1, first class.

Montreal is not a fun place to be wearing Orange and we were heckled relentlessly, in both official languages, but cheered loud and proud. I would love the chance to see our team be able to go back in there and win a big playoff game, so if you are a fan going to the game in Hamilton please do your part and make our Pride proud. Cheer loud and let them know what Lions fans are all about!!

Is anyone going to the game in Hamilton? I would give my left one to be there!

Go Lions…

That will never happen in Ivor Wynne Stadium to a Lions fans wearing orange. As a matter of fact the only hostility you might face are Hamilton fans fighting over the right to be the first one to buy you a beer! :wink:

Aww…Tiger-Cat that was touching. That makes me all teary eyed.

I'm not able to go to the Hamilton game but if the Lions win I am definitely going to Montreal for that game.

You laugh, but it's really not far from the truth. Ticat fans heckle the players (very often our own!), but rarely opposing fans. In fact, the majority of fights that break out in the stands are between Ticat fans themselves!

If you're a fan of the opposing team at IWS, you'll do fine as long as you're not a jerk. We encourage you to cheer for your team, and we will leave you alone. But if you decide to bark at us, and hurl insults for no apparent reason, you're done!

Bleed orange -You a lucky hound. Sounds like a blast for you and the Mrs.Keep your fingerfs crossed for tomorrow.

Yeah , it was amazing.

Fingers crossed, beer cold, jersey on....lets do this!!

plus it went to a true fan. Meanwhile back at the farm this is going to be fun - enjoy . . .