Fans not respecting other fans

I just got off the phone with a Buddy who was at the game tonight.He had to leave early but told me this and it brings up a valid point do fans not respect other fans.Here is what happend he was in the lower deck 16 rows from the field having a good time untill this one fan gets out of hand toa point.Like every one he is cheering (whistiling)The issue is he is going at it so loud and so into it there is a bit of spit onmuy buddys food from this guy.So nicely he asks would you mind the guy says sorry.Late in the second he is at it again and people on the other side of him were getting up set from the backlash of spit its very little but still.The point is do fans not care about other fans back in the day fans had respect for other that seems to be gone now.

It wasn't me.

wasn't me either. My section doesn't even have 16 rows.

It was me!!! go Sens go!!!