Fans Need To Learn Respect!!

What is is with other fans coming on the Bomber Thread and posting comments just to stir up everybody.

Like come on We lost to T.O, big freakin' deal, everyone has a bad game and we had ours, be assured that we will whip them next time, and it's not like T.O is in any position to start bragging, as i see it they are out of a playoff spot to the Eskimo's right now and the Bombers are in 1st place.

Hamilton won a game, 2nd game, it's not the freakin' Grey Cup, you have a long way to go yet, you beat a back-up QB after intentionally injuring Burris, if Hank was in, it would have been another dissapointing last minute LOSS....

Montreal is playing better, but again long way to go.

As i see it The west is still the Best and the team to beat is the Lions, after all they are the reigning Grey Cup Champs, for now!!

ya did you c jonathon brown on OTR he said that the argos will make a run in the playoffs BIG DEAL you won 1 game against a team over .500 dont get your hopes up yet!

dam rights boys. nice to see true blue stick back at the no show T.O fans.

How come nobody has opened a thread yet for the Bomber/Hamilton game this weekend. It's your site so I didn't want to start one. (Respect) Winnipeg 28 Hamilton 18.

ditto to milt-for-life