Fans made the ultimate statement tonight - honeymoon's over

Once again, the Ticats put on a miserable display and quit performing. So what do the fans do tonight?

They quit on the team.

A huge amount of fans left the stadium at half-time, obviously fed up with this garbage. This is a team with...nothing.

And I say, good on the fans for doing so. If service in a restaurant is lousy, you leave & take your business elsewhere. Same with the Cats, and if this act does not serve notice to the powers that run the Cats, then this team is in dire straits.

We grow up with the idea to stick with the team, good times & bad. But tonight, a majority of the fans said "enough", and that their time and money is best spent elsewhere. What a horrible message for the Caretaker to recieve. Your customers spoke loud & clear tonight - the honeymoon is over.

What should happen immediately is for Ron Lancaster to be let go. When he was brought back, he said time and time again that he did not want to coach again, and that he was doing this as a favour. Well, it was obvious tonight by his demeanor that he simply does not want to be here anymore. Fine, let him go and bring in someone who will challenge the players and let them know that this is unacceptable.

Having someone coach the team who doesn't want to coach the team - well, how to the players respond to that? How can the players take the coach seriously when the coach doesn't really want the job anyway?

The team - with all of the Caretaker's money, ideas and good intentions is on the verge of becoming irrelevant again. Time to clean house now. You normally put out a fire immediately, and not wait until the house, neighbour's house and everything else is burnt.

Its so sad, but its probably true…

Next week at the Labour Day game my plan is to stay right to the end of the game to beat the traffic.

Well, Lancaster is only the interim head coach. And usually when the team goes with an interim head coach for the rest of a season, it has acknowledged that the season is over. There is only one exception that rule I can think of, which was the time Pinball Clemons replaced Etcheverry in Toronto in 2002. But there is little doubt, if any at all, that this season is over now.

And the attendance was 26,564. That's lower than it has been lately, but I though there'd be more of an attendance drop after these recent performnaces. It'll be interesting to see what they'll be after Labour Day.

Looked to be about 2,000 left for the final gun. Many Cat fans that stayed were having fun laughing at this team too. That I have never seen.
Even the Rider fans were not getting much enjoyment out of this. It is usually more fun to beat an actual football team.