Fans In Non-CFL Cities

I live in London, Ontario, And I'll tell ya, I've read more about the exploits of this Pacman Jones fellow then I have about who will be the starting running back for the BC Lions. And that is not right.

Us CFL fans in non-CFL cities are basically kept in the dark until the bloody season begins.

The CFL has to do a better job to get people excited about the upcoming season. Show some exhibition games on TV. Churn out the PR. Something!

Because while CFL cities get news about their teams, for us on the outside the league is pretty well out of mind until the season suddenly starts. With little fanfare. And this has to change.

I agree, minus that comment about the cfl being ‘out of mind’. I’m usually thinking about football in some form or another somehow. I live in Victoria, and I dont get much news about my green riders, nor do i hear enough about the lions (I live in Victoria) or any other CFL ANYTHING for that matter, until the season starts.

I know were canadian and hype isn’t our thing, but please, lets hype it a little bit in the non-stadium cities.

I live in Biggar, Saskatchewan. I was born in Saskatoon but I don't think it matters where you live. The Riders are huge in Saskatoon.

I will tell you this my friend, I live in a CFL city (Montréal) and I also feel like I am in the dark! The coverage that is given to the CFL and the hometown Alouettes on TV (RDS), the printed media (Journal De Montréal, La Presse) and radio (CKAC, and they are a 24 hour sports talk radio) is absolutely awful.
The only media that reports on the Alouettes on an almost daily basis and with some depth is "The Gazette" with Herb Z. (Larry Smith is a former editor of The Gazette, so maybe that is the reason).

I tuned into CKAC (24 hour sports) a few days last week. They are still talking about hockey 22 hours out of 24!!! The season is over, please, let it go! RDS is no better. They analyse and re-analyse the same information, often speculation about hockey, over and over until it becomes redundant and makes you sick!

TSN is not much better. They boast about their upcoming TV coverage (by the way TSN, if you wan't to impress me, broadcast ALL of your games in HD, and NO BLACKOUTS on TSN HD please). I pay EXTRA for TSN HD, I don't want to see poker when the regular TSN broadcasts a CFL game). Chris Schultz writes a so-so article once a week. Wow! Great coverage.

I made a small rant on the Als forum a week ago because they were not getting enough coverage. I was at the Alouettes open practice Saturday night at Molson Stadium (thank you Als management). I scouted the sidelines attentively. I saw NO cameras or reporters, NONE! I guess the Montréal TV and newspaper sports journalists don't cover the CFL on weekends... My point is, the media have to get their sh*t together. It is summer, hockey is over, cover our damn local CFL teams!!! I can't state how much this riles me.

go to the website they have 24 broadband videos(around 1H).

However not alot is Montreal only 1-2 things is MTL(something about Pringle Junior and Calvillo I beleive)
but 4+ on calgary, 2 on Winnipeg, 3-4 on Edmonton, 2-3 on Ham, 3-4 on TO, 1-2 on BCL, 2 on sask(maybe)

+1 for each pre-season game so far.

Indydan, are you listening to the right station? which station broadcasts the Als games?
That could be the issue if your listening to the wrong station.
Also gotta do something about those papers, Winnipeg has 1 Full page about the bombers Daily all TC + game days + Tuesdays(and randomly other days) in the respectable paper, in the other Paper it's 2-5 pages on the bombers During TC.

People need to start complaining the Als don't get any respect from the media and fast.

Thats cuz its all there is in Saskatchewan.

I know it's not much to add, but I'm on Team990 every Saturday morning at 9:20AM talking Als' football and CFL stuff on Moe Khan's "Bacon, Eggs, and Sports" show. Those guys are committed to talking CFL football every week, and once the season starts, I'm sure they'll extend the segment I'm doing.

Not much, but something. . .

Some people would have said that Toronto was a non CFL city a few years ago but that seems to be changing thankfully!! I wonder if given the choice would the football fans in TO want an NFL team over a CFL team.......hmmm?

There was a Decima Poll done in Toronto last December. The results were quit astounding, considering what those in the Taranna sports media try telling us.

Because the results showed a large majority in Toronto had no interest in the NFL. A large majority didn't care if the NFL came to Toronto.

And the number of people who called themselves NFL fans was in the mid teens percentage wise. Compared to almost 50% who considered themselves hockey fans.

Funny, but for some reason this poll didn't ask about the CFL. I guess probaly that was Paul Godfrey's idea?

But this poll does show interest in the NFL in Hogtown is mainly in the minds of the Hogtown media. The problem is how to get rid of these dinosaurs.

I don’t know how to take that…

From what I hear Saskatoon has a thriving arts community. In fact, I have never, ever heard a bad word said about Saskatchewan, other than how flat it is. I've never had the opportunity to live there but I wouldn't turn one down.

Hasn't Saskatchewan produced some of the greatest Canadians ever?

Living just outside the Kamloops area, we are fortunate enough that the Vancouver Province Newspaper gets dropped off at the Resteraunt and Super markets. Other than that, we have the same electronic media (Satalite) as every one else.


....Correct...(proof) Mrs Sportsmen (Proof)

It is a crying shame. If this was the States with a league like the CFL that has been around for such a long time vying for the oldest pro football trophy in North America, they'd be having to turn away reporters I bet and there would be loads of people at the practices, heck, I just read that in Alabama they got 92,000 people to a Tide practice scrimmage or something!

One thing I hate about Canada is 1) too much hockey, hockey, hockey and 2) too much "major" league coverage of other leagues when the CFL season is beginning and on. But The Score and TSN and Sportsnet are having some training camp reports now, thank goodness but we need exhibition games all televised from now on!!

Hey, I generally love my country but sometimes I just have to say we are one sorry excuse for a country to be honest.

:thup: :thup: exactly, I 100% agree and now there is going to be a Canada/Russia Superseries that is no way comparable to what happened in 1972. There is still way too much thinking by people IN Canada that the CFL is minor league. I have a hard time watching the dump and chase era of hockey in the last 10-15 years and it begins with coaches teaching "systems" to minor hockey players and getting rid of any creativity. I would rather watch two last place teams play CFL football than most hockey games.

I would rather watch two last place teams play CFL football than most hockey games.

Moi aussi lion!

Live in Halifax it's a crying shame we don't have CFL team. I tend to cheer for any team cept for T.O and Montreal.

I don't mind that the media talks hockey in the summer. After all, hockey is a popular Canadian sport.

What I don't get is when I turn on TSN Sport Centre, they lead with baseball highlights. All kinds of baseball highlights. Involving teams nobody in Canada gives a rats behind about.

Followed by the latest news about an NFL felon. Followed by basketball news.

Then in the last five minutes usually comes a report from a CFL camp that lasts about 30 seconds.

My question is why does our media waste so much time covering league's in a foreign country that most Canadians could care less about?

I'm listening to Bob Macoun now, and he's talking about the Baltimore Orioles? Huh? Who cares about the Baltimore Orioles in Canada?

I think its strange how 90% of our sports news involves teams and leagues that have absolutely nothing to do with this country.

While our popular Canadian sports get ignored? What is up with that?

Fantasy league players are VERY interested in what's going on in those leagues.