Fans in Hamilton take a bow!

I want to let you know as a Stamp fan and a CFL fan I proud of the fact you fans of the Tie Cats are hanging in there. Good on you see Ottawa you have a lot to learn!

Thanks, as a fan of the Cats, favoit in the East, that is.

Hamilton fans deserve cudos all right. They sell out when the team is in the basement. I tip my hat to them.

As a lifetime Argo supporter, I have to love those TiCat fans. I don't even hate the TiCats... just like to beat them when we play them, but cheer for them when they play other teams. Too bad... we can rant here about the Ottawa fans who don't show up, but those that don't show up for the games probably will never see this forum, so we are always preaching to the converted. I cannot stand those so called sports fans that complain about their team, but then do not make the effort to go to games to support the team and put some money into their war chest to get the players they think they should get. It's only 9 days out of a a whole year. There is no reason you cannot attend most of those games.

Or try to go to at least one game! The 18,000 Ottawa fans I feel sorry for not the no shows!