Fans in favour of a new Head Coach

I wasn't at all happy with the way Taaffe ran the team last year for a multitude of reasons. I hope he gets let go and the team hires a defensive coach. Whether it be Dave Ritchie or Greg Marshall I'd be happy with either. My personal preference is Greg Marshall because Ritchie is so old I don't know how long he'll stay in coaching.

p.s. If you'd like to see the Cats let Taaffe go please suggest who you'd like to see as the new man in charge.


the title of your thread assumes you are speaking for all "fans"

however you are not ..........

Maybe there is an apostrophe missing: “fan’s in favour of…” :wink:

Some fans have come out and made it known they are in favour of keeping coach Taaffe. Others seem to be on the fence. I’m looking to gauge how many people would like to see a coaching change.

You mean the tiny fraction of fans that frequent this board?

It's a non-issue for me.

As long as the HC and assistants have CFL experience, I'll be happy.

Exactly how I feel..

IMHO- Obie gm/HC- will name his own assistance

This fan is in favour of some continuity in the coaching staff.

Charlie knows

the What, Why, When, How Where and Who
of what happened around here last year

and knows what to change fo fix it.

Hopefully, Obie is following the tried and true
Rudyard Kipling School of gathering information.

 [url=]Six Honest Men[/url]

That can't help but benefit the Tiger Cats
even if it doesn't save Charlie his job.

re-Ron wrote-Charlie knows

the What, Why, When, How Where and Who
of what happened around here last year

and knows what to change to fix it. ------------- he dose? seems to me he was clueless all season. he did well in Montreal were he took over Don Mathews Established program and ran with it. - in 2007 he messed with his qb,s footwork and totally ignored D and ST. :thdn:

The heat of the battle is in the past
and it is time for all of us

to coolly reflect at this time of year.

I am going to get 'heavy' for a second.

Harrumph...ahhh...I have got it.

WISDOM does no come with AGE only
[ present company exempted ] :smiley:

Wisdom comes from lots of thinking
and reflecting on your experiences
and especially your mistakes, MD.

Charlie is doing this right now
helped by his dear friend Obie. :roll:

With a team as bad as the Ticats were last year, I don't think your "I want Taaffe back because we want continuity in the coaching staff" argument works. Why?

-All of the assistant coaches have already been fired basically, so there will be no "continuity" there, guaranteed.

-Yes, Taafe knows the ability of players on this team well because he coached here last year, but after viewing game tape, any moron (even a potential new head coach like Steve Burratto) can determine this team's strengths (some young players on the O-Line, the stable of running backs, Printers, McKay, Moreno and Setta) and this team's weaknesses (everybody else).

All i can say Ron is -0 and 4 and there is the door!! I hope for all concerned it doesn't happen. esp the fans, -C.T will land on his feet in ncaa

(zenstate) snoopaloop wrote: I'd prefer the Cats keep Charlie but replace the rest of the coaching staff. At least the D & O coordinators.

Exactly how I feel..


Keep Charlie,dump the rest!

At least now we know how you get over 2000 posts. Are any of the others of any substance?

Any other of yours have substance??

Why does everyone want to keep Taaffe on another year but fire the assistants? What did he show that earned him another shot?

I didn't see the team getting better as the season went on. We were making the same mistakes at the start of the season as we were at the end of the season. We had penalties galore and more mental mistakes than I can count. Plus, his play calling was often erratic and made me scratch my head on numerous occassions. And I don't think he used our personnel to the best of its ability. He tried fitting our players into his system instead of building a system around the talent we had. So again I say, bring in a new coach.