Fans: I need your help writing a description of each CFL team

EDIT: All done, thanks all for contributing in the thread and by private messages! :slight_smile:

Hey all - I'd like to spruce up the home page of these forums a bit, and the next task on that list is writing a description for each team forum area.

As you can see on , the CFL Talk forum area has the description text of, "A general discussion board for any and all topics to do with the Canadian Football League." What I'd like is a similar sentence for each of the team. A (terrible) example:

  • Edmonton Eskimos: "Where subjects about the Empire gets together to discuss the team."

Would any of you like to contribute a sentence like the above for your favourite team (or teams)? Please save me from having to write these myself. :slight_smile:

Rider Nation Forums; A place for discussion topics about all things that is Green & White.

Rider Nation Forums: What's Green & White and read all over. :smiley:

Riddle n Red :smiley:

Calgary Stampeders : The place to be to discuss YE MEN OF CALGARY

That BTW, is the Stamps fight song.


Again, just going with the fight song as well.

I put a couple in (some people PMed me their ideas). Anyone got something to use for the Ticats considering the number of fans we have around here? :slight_smile:

Alouettes= nullité absolue, vide sidéral, chaos pathétique ou incompétence misérable. Le choix est vaste! :wink:

LOL please don't get me fired, LeStaf. :slight_smile:

The Saskatchewan Roughriders = The Envy Of The League

Lions: Where the beast is king!

Stamps: Running with the crowd!

Esks: Inuksuks of the gridiron!

'riders: It's easy being green!

Bombers: The wild blue yonder!

Ti-Cats: Hear the roar!

Argos: Sing the (double) blues!

REDBLACKS: They came, they saw, they conquered!

Als: Les gentilles, ils vous plumeront!

Oh... as a Ticat fan I SO want to give you the tagline for the Argos.

But as someone who also tries to be a decent human being I shouldn't think or talk like that. ;D

I am humbled and honored.

You went with my Lions suggestion.


I like the Ticats' one, especially the use of "Tigers" - like it should be. And I've got that in writing, as seen in my profile picture. :wink:

Riders Riders, we’re everywhere we’re everywhere!

Als : there'll be consequences!

Argos: where is everyone?

Toronto Argos :

The ONLY professional football team Toronto will ever have, so get over it!

Toronto Argonauts:

Pull Together. All About Argos

;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D