Fans greatness

A lot of people like to remind how Sask fans dropped manure on McCallum's lawn last year, so I felt like sharing this with you:

In yesterday's papers, there were interviews with Dany Macciocia. He said that being a coach in Edmonton is a dangerous and, at times, very unpleasant job, because fans get mad after losses. They follow him in car, insult him whenever they meet him anywhere, throw stuff at him. He's being stalked. He said that when the team loses, he has to send his wife to put gas in the car's tank because if he stands there while filling up, he will get swarmed by angry fans.

How's that?

Some fans just take things to the extreme. They have to realize it is just a game and if there team loses they can still go home to a warm house and family. For example the guy that threw manure on McCallum's neighbour's driveway lost his job. Now looking back was that actually worth it? At least it's not as bad as some of the soccer countries out there with their hooligans.

....I wonder if that guy who dumped the manure ...would have put it on McCallums lawn instead....would it have been looked at differently....not to make light of the incident...the guy did lose his job.....but yeah coaches and some players put up with too much crap pun's really just a game guys....a GREAT game ...but just a game :wink:

Wow , it always amaze me how many rude people there is. Football is not a matter of life or death. Its a game.

Every team has its share of good & bad fans, with the bad ones being in the minority. Unfortunately it's easier to remember bad behaviour, which tends to colour everyone's perceptions.

At the Labour Day rematch with the Stampeders the stands here in Edmonton were naturally filled with Stamp fans. Sitting a few rows in front of me were a group of exceptionally rude, loud, and obnoxious young men, all painted red.

Early in the 4th quarter the police officer watching the stands from the field had had enough with them. He said "You - you're out!" to the group, got on his radio, and was trying to find a way up into the stands.

When the Edmonton locals saw this, they stopped him. There was a group of maybe 30 or 40 Esks fans who went out of their way to tell the officer that the Calgary fans hadn't actually done anything wrong, and that they should stay. To be honest, they hadn't done anything wrong, only acted rudely with lots of insults for not only the Esks, but for Edmontonians in general. There was no swearing, but, again, they were really rude.

I thought it was unbelievably kind for the locals to stand up for those young men. Due to their protests, the policeman did not eject or arrest them.....and that's the way it should have been. It's not illegal to be rude. Painful for the losing team, yes, but not illegal.

.....And those young men were as quiet as church mice after that. :lol:

I guess the point I'm making is that the world is absolutely overflowing with idiots, but we're not all that way.

Well, it at least shows to a certain extent that the fans care about the team, and this is good. Buono said something to the press today to this effect. But there is no excuse to be rude, this type of behaviour is not needed at all.

Jesus! people take football to seriously.

I mean take it out on the forum instead of earning yourself a one way ticket to jail, jezz! what are people thinking.