fans from saskatoon?

Are there alot of roughrider fans that attend the home games who are from saskatoon?
Also, if mosaic stadium was to have an infinite capacity, would it still fill up to the 30,000, or would there be more? if so, by how much?

There are some, my wife and I included who drive down from Saskatoon every game. However, I don't think it is a huge number (maybe 2-3k). At least this is a number I have heard reported in past years. If they were to expand the stadium I don't think you would see a huge jump in attendance. The last 4 good years (recent games excluded)I think they could probably have averaged 35-40k. We have gotten 50k+ in past years with Grey Cup bleachers and a so-so team.

I think you could hit 40k on labour day consistently...we will see in 2013 i guess.