FANS: Football Cheering 101

Just thought I would add this for those who might be unsure about the etiquette about cheering at a football game.

Hamilton Defense on the Field = Cheer real loud every play

Hamilton Offense on the Field = WAIT until the play has started to start cheering real loud.

When the Quarterback comes up to the line and waves his hands, he is ACTUALLY telling us to be quiet as he would like the team to hear him call the signals. I know its hard because we usually dont get into the red zone that often, but please… we look really stupid when Richie is asking us to be quiet and we seem to get louder.

When the other team has the ball its the opposite, be really loud BEFORE the play so they cant hear the QB making the calls and it might even induce a Illegal Procedure call.

I encourage fans to try and follow these simple rules for being the 13th man and help cheer our team to victory.

Thank you.

I blow my horn every time the opponents are on 2nd down. There are the fans that cheer at the wrong time. Then there are the fans that don't cheer at all. Then worst of all are the fans that ask you to stop being so loud.

Too many fans cheering when we are on offense.

No kidding.

It seemed like every single person in the east endzone bleachers (though others were also guilty) was making noise when we were in the redzone at the east end on Thursday.

Friggin' idiotic. In Regina they hang people for less. :x

What, do we need Farr to announce "And now, shut the hell up for your Tiger-Cat offense!"?

i noticed some of the fans needed some education on when to cheer during the edmonton game.

just before the last play of the game (we are on the 30 yard line trying to score a TD) everyone starting cheering like crazy.

ok...1st let me say.. I know "Fan 101" and follow it.. I've been around football my whole life (Dad used to play)

However ... it's been a rare thing that we are actually in the redzone and I have a feeling that it wasn't so much people cheering.. as people just BURSTING with excitement ... hard to control sometimes :lol:

But to the OP... thanks for putting these rules up .. all fans need to pass "Fan 101" before attending games in the future! :cowboy:

I have given up trying to explain this. :roll:

A couple seasons ago, I made the mistake of trying to explain to another that the offense can function better if we kept quiet until the play unfolded.

I instead was called stupid and harassed for the rest of the game for trying to make the ascertation that we should be quiet before plays on offense.

"They like it loud!" the man said cheering, "Go Cats Go!" right in my ear in defiance.

I understand getting excited for an impending score but unfortunately there are many with an incredibly low football IQ.

I have actually had people tell me to be quiet when I was cheering the defence.

Ti-cats are lucky that they still have fans cheering fot them, the way they have played over the years!!

Although timing of cheering is very important, and I noticed this last game too!!! But i think everyone was just so happy we were actually winning, so for this i can let it go…this time!!!

it wassnt just this game though people do it all the time and it really pisses me off. If the cats make a nice play i love hearing everyone cheer and scream but as soon as they huddle up we should all shut up!

Just thought I would bump in light of the fact that once again we did the WAVE when the team had the ball as the entire offense was asking us to quiet down.

Can we not have Jason Farr say something like "The offense likes it QUIET!"

The Colts print this on their ticket and you can hear a pin drop when they have the ball.

Real Football Fans don't do the WAVE

I was getting pretty frustrated by the wave last night too - and then finally when our defense takes the field, they stop it. The fans in the stands are lacking major IQ lately - and it's becoming a nuisance. They don't even listen to the players who are telling them to shut up.

Real football fans don't do the WAVE

Fans who came to the Montreal game last year at Molson may recall that the Als have a sign for SILENCE whenever the Als have the ball.

Perhaps the powers that be could have a clue and provide the unwashed a suitable reminder to STFU before offensive snaps...

Oski Wee Wee,

Real football fans don't do the WAVE
Despite everything that has happened in the last 24 hours...

This is the post of the week.

Just thought I'd reiterate :wink:

Sorry to disapoint you Godfather - true football fans enjoys themselves and DO THE WAVE. Obviously you have not been part of a sell out crowd participating in a continious wave. It has been some time - however it is usually when the Cats are thrashing the Blue or should I say the pink team from T.O.

I agree, that the wave is distracting... but hard to tell your kids not to stand up and join in when in the end zone and 10 guys in front of them are counting it down.

i am sure that the TiCat fans were just excited and not trying to distract the player... the TiCats should be happy that they have fans there making any noise with a record like theirs.