"Fans call the plays day"

On a beginning note, before I get into this, I'm not kidding about this.

I think for one game four fans are picked to call the offensive, special teams, and defensive plays for the game. Each quarter the fans alternate, and one fan sits out one quarter each. You could give playbooks to each fan 2 weeks earlier, so they can study the plays, and think about what they'd like to call. This could show how much fans know about football. Of course you'd have to prove (in someway) that you would know what you were doing as a coordinator. I bet you that would sure get interesting.

Currently a requirement?
I suggest that we get those QB1 keypads and we all hit our plays from the stands/living rooms and compile the results and go with the most popular. I know the fake punt rollout option and undisguised shovel pass buttons would score high from visiting fans.