Fans Best Watering holes For Pre and Post Game Partying

I am doing some research on Rabid CFL Fans, and I would like fans from all teams to way in on their fave Watering holes for pre and post game parties.

Mackdknife in Hogtown...

Strathcona Hotel in Toronto. Easy walking distance to the Dome and cheap beer.

Man, if there is one ounce of common decency in your body, you will tell me the location of said watering hole :slight_smile:

Loose Moose. It's about a block West of the Royal York Hotel. They got great music. Mostly Rock and Hard Rock. Tons of TVs. Most of them Hi-Def Plasmas or LCDs. Walking distance to the Dome. HUGE selection of beer. Hot waitresses. Good food too if you're looking a meal. I tpyically go there pre-game. Sometimes post game depending if there's gonna be a Leafs game on after the Argos game.

The Strath is at 60 York, just a block north of the Royal York, on the other side. The pub is downstairs. Access from outside. Good, but not like it was when the still sold quarts there.

I prefer Badali's on Front. They might get sponsorship back this year after a two year hiatus