Fans are fed up with Masoli!

Okay , just a few thoughts and observations here .

  • This so called imaginary "Elite QB" thingy is just that , imaginary . Plain and simple . There is no "Elite QB" Club that some like to talk about . As I stated earlier "IF" there were a true to life club that only had Elite QB's in it in this 9 team league the membership in this exclusive club would be a small one indeed .

  • A prediction of a 9-9 season at this stage is being way to generous to this team . As it stands right now I'd be surprised if this team can better their 6-12 mark of last year . Being optimistic , maybe a 7-11 or at best (but doubtful) an 8-10 on the season regardless of who we have starting at QB .

  • I don't know about anybody else BUT I am more fed up with this team constantly losing and the bar being set so low mentality approach that many have had with this team over the years . It's like wash,rinse , repeat over and over and over again with this club . The coaches change , the QB's change , the supporting cast change BUT the script and results are usually always the same . We lose way more than we win and it seems like this air of a losing culture just goes round and round like a runaway roller coaster with no end in sight . I stated in another thread that outside of a few isolated seasons this has been this clubs mantra now going back almost 30 yrs to the start of the 90's . Believe me it's not like it's nothing new or an anomaly with this franchise .

  • Fact : Since our glorious 8-3 run to start the 2015 season any guesses what our over-all W/L record is since that time ? Anybody ? Bueller ? Bueller ? Answer : 17 - 31 in the last 48 games played . Yup , that's right a whole whopping 17 wins since game #11 of the 2015 season . Our home W/L record since that time ? Answer : 8 - 16 . Yup , twice as many losses as wins in our own park . The numbers don't lie , have a look for yourselves . It's embarrassing , frustrating and mind boggling how this team never fails to disappoint in the underachieving category .

2015 - 2 - 5
2016 - 7 - 11
2017 - 6 - 12
2018 - 2 - 3

  • So in closing : Am I fed up with Masoli ? Hell I'm fed up with the whole team from top to bottom as a whole right now from the HC on down to the QB on down to the waterboy....Period !!!

We kept Tasker over Ellingson not Fantuz, and Ellingson was hurt ALL THE TIME. Unless you had a delorian the right move would have been to keep Tasker.

Really getting tired of the narrative that we made some massive mistake letting him go. At the time we made the right move.

And yes, he traded away Hughes to get Adams, who we subsequently cut. But at the time, we needed a good backup QB more than we needed an expensive defensive end. A few weeks later, we had a better backup QB after Manziel finally signed with us, so in retrospect it looked like a horrible move. But at the time? Pretty good decision, I think.

I'm not sure we ever intended to keep Hughes... Since apparently 3 team trades aren't allowed in the CFL. Also not sure we would have had the cap room to sin Breaux had we of kept him. Regardless I'm not fussed with the Hughes either as much as others were.

I didn't say he had a good game that day in 2014 in Edmonton. I just said, when he came in I turned to my friend and said now you are going to see a good QB.

That same friend and his nephew were sitting beside me in 2016 where Masoli and team came back from a 25 point deficit and he broke Jason Mass' record for most consecutive completions with Mass standing on the other sideline.

Trading for Admas took away a bit of negotiation leveridge from the Manzeil camp.

Maybe change your post title to “Are more fans fed up with Masoli??. I’m still on the band-wagon, but think I’m starting to feel a little more elbow room? :wink:

As bad as it was for Masoli and company last night,
Just think of the nightmare they would endure from the fans and press if it was Collaros who played last night and hung that fully deserved embarassingbeat down on us. :o

Could have charged admission to this site....

Cruel thought Grover, just cruel :slight_smile:

After last nights 2nd half fiasco, they deserve it! >:(

Jones and Masoli looked like world beaters out there on Thursday compared to the Argos on Saturday .

Take away that dumb Masoli punt and a few other plays at least the Cats were in it for the most part .

Watching the RB's on Friday and it's not exactly a difficult leap to get this team on par for a challenge for first in this never ending east division of mediocrity .

That is the rub this division of one game wonders in November just endorses the same behaviour year in year out and they wonder why the league has troubles .

woof, the Masoli lynch mob almost makes me long for the days of 91 new threads a day salivating over Masoli's door opener...

... i mean at least we were winning then...

What is Masolis door opener?

What is the timeline that Masoli fans have after a loss in order to not be seen as M.I.A. or hiding from Garney26 with our tails between our legs?

Ok, 6 Fans are fed up with Masoli and they all post on here. Most intelligent fans realized there was more issues last night than the QB. I think we have some big issues but it's not Masoli.

As of now, after playing Sask twice, Ed, Calgary and Winnipeg we are hosting a playoff game. Last year we started 0-8.

It would be great to be 5-0 but I'm pretty sure we weren't going 18-0 so there are going to be losses this year.

I'm not sure what you wanted him to pull out of is a$$ Thursday with the play calling but I didn't see any receivers downfield standing there waving their arms saying I was wide open. In fact there were no receivers down field most of the game. He finally got decent field position for the first time this year in opponent half of the field and lead them to a TD.

Sure the QB is going to take the heat, I'll say it again, I don't think the QB is the problem. There is a laundry list in other threads that most people recognize there are other issues.

Masoli didn't play great but he handled it well at least after the game. If the coaches don't adjust against Ottawa and we lose in the same fashion..... it'll take more than JF to bail this team out.

I think you might be mistaken. There's WAY more than only 6 oblivious fans who blame Masoli for everything. Just listen to the 5th quarter on CHML after each game. 8)

I have noticed a big shift after this loss for sure and not just these few Masoli bashers that Krisiun is talking about.I am not a Masoli basher but the idea he's that good is ridiculous and i think this game might have put some water on those flames. I think it also points out the need for a good back up QB. Ours might be pretty good.

Some quarterbacks lift their team. They put their team on their shoulders and say, "let's go boys...we got this" and team responds.

Some quarterbacks just go out and play. Some play well and have success and others don't.

It's those quarterbacks who make everyone around them better, that seem to have the most success. Ricky Ray is an example. He has made every player he has ever played with better. There are other examples currently in our league as well.

Is JM one of them?

In hindsight, do you feel maybe it was premature to crown JM as one of the league's Elite QBs, and to mock other fans who said it will take a bit longer for him to prove he deserves that title?