Fans are fed up with Masoli!

The natives are sure getting restless!

This is a re-post of what I posted in the burn the witches thread.

I have been a fan and supporter of Masoli since he first played for us back in 2013. I remember sitting in Commonwealth Stadium, I think in 2014, when Zach went down and Jeremiah came in, I turned to my friend and said, now you are going to see a good QB.

I appreciate that Masoli tied a 62 year old record last week and I had full confidence that when he threw the ball the receiver was going to catch it. I have completely disagreed with anyone who suggested Manziel should play.

BUT!!! I now find my confidence in Masoli wavering. In 5 games, he has thrown for only 4 TD's while he has also thrown 5 interceptions in that time.

I don't believe this. The July 4th, 2014 game is etched into my brain as that is the catalyst to every negative opinion I have of Jerimiah Masoli.

This is the worst example to cite. JM's legit worst performance in a Ti-Cat uniform. This was the Odell Willis (illegal) hit on Zack game. I know this game very well.

This is a true case of to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

I know that you really mean the July 22nd, 2016 game where Jeremiah set the completion record.

But what a juxtaposition of the same athlete that continues in 2018.

That was the game where he literally ran for a first down... And the DB just ran by him and took the ball away for a TD.

That one's etched into my memory as not-so-great moments in sports.

Several posters who regularly slag Masoli in one way or another are fed up with him. Most of them have been restless since 2015, when Collaros had his last good year (in part). Last week, there were about a dozen of them vocalising their discontent. Now it's probably double that, including get a few new people who are disappointed with results to date. I would prefer to have won more games so far too. I wouldn't say that means "the natives" are fed up. Nice work trying to drum up more recruits though.

I agree with alot of what you are saying... In fairness though there's several posters that put JM on the Mt Rushmore of QBs that seem to vanish after losses... And this one especially.

When was the last time after few games into the season fans weren’t calling for the best player on the team the back up QB. Am I impressed with JM no. Has he shown flashes of being really good yes. I think 2-3 more games it maybe time to pull the plug.

I also feel like they need to move on from the NFL style of a game management style offense. Marching down the field eating up the clock and kicking FG’s in general works in the NFL. The CFL you need TD’s as in less than 2 mins your opponent can put up 2.

I would continue JM and give JF a package to take some pressure off JM.
Then, work on soldifying that leaky o-line.
Probably need one or two new recievers. Chapman would be a good start.
The ST have gone down the drain, not sure what the fix is.
Opposition has figured out our D, we need new wrinkles to confuse the opposition QBs.

By the way both Ottawa and BC looked heads and tails better than us in last nights game.

Good post.
Also noticed that on second and more than 7 we generally try some screen or short pass....draw or QB draw.
In the states on 3rd and 9 you normally just go conservative and punt.2nd and 9 here... Can't do that.

Wouldn’t say I’m fed up with Masoli specifically, but definitely fed up with losing. Can’t see us beating either Ottawa or B.C. if they play like they did last night.

Why do we go year to year stumbling and fumbling our way from game to game? Our cast-offs go to shine elsewhere, our pick-ups tank. Ottawa looks to have gotten back together, Trestman seems ideally suited to the CFL, and we keep tripping over our own toes. The Bowman for Chapman fiasco is a perfect example. Will we never turn the corner?

The team is in the business of winning games. Masoli IMO has had back to back weeks where he played below average. Funny how competiton works, when Manziel was breathing down Masoli’s neck in preseason and the start of the season Masoli was awesome. After everyone said there is no QB controversy and Masoli is the clear #1 Masoli has taken a step back. Maybe it is time to give Manziel a few reps. Ticats are one of two teams in the CFL to give their backup QB ZERO snaps so far.

HI Everyone it has been awhile since i posted anything on here .I would like to finally say something JM has always been a average to good QB when you look at the body of work he seems to only follow what play is called and fails to improvise when the play goes south example trying to throw on the run when he could have run for 20 yards he also has trouble hitting the deep ball and defences see that they will play closer to the line to take away the shorter passed you have to be able to stretch the field also when you are behind in the 4th Quarter he does not have the skill set to take over the game and bring you to the promise land .maybe a change is in order to see if johnny can be a great QB

It's funny how people see things differently. When JM is on, I think his greatest strengths are improvising, extending plays, making something out of nothing, and accuracy on intermediate-to-deep passes. You watch the same games and see the exact opposite.

I noticed that too. If those individuals had any credibility left, they certainly would have lost it in the past 36 hours or so by failing to offer their views on their man's performance in a challenging game.

I would argue, however, that their credibility vanished much earlier, with the creation of sarcastic threads, strange "jokes" intended to mock the non-believers, blowing small achievements completely out of proportion, and ridiculous comparisons to other, much more accomplished QBs in the league. But that's just my view.

What's funny is a fan of the "team" and literally the team should have no problem saying "I thought this guy was better....." Or "wow I got this guy wrong"....

Maybe it's just a message board game thing. I dunno.

Not fed up with Masoli, more disappointed
These last 2 games have been bad(understatement)
Masoli has been a big contributor along with June Jones and Glanville to the overall badness

The 2 losses exposed some glaring weaknesses on the team (including the Coaches and Masoli )

Of the nine teams in the League every team, has played their backup QB except for us.
I expect Masoli to be starting next game as he should, but as the saying goes, the leash should be getting shorter.
We host an Eastern team on our field, a huge 4 point game, nothing less than a win is acceptable

Not sure if you remember the last 10 games of last year. How did Speedy get from almost zero receiving yards to what he finally achieved without catching a ton of deep passes. And.....he’s the one who dropped several passes this year that would have sustained drives. Not all on Masoli. Coaching of the Oline, suspect offensive play calls by June Jones and stupid offside penalties by the oline and SPEEDY has hurt this team. This team could not and did not plan for Saskatchewan’s defence. That’s on Jones.

Like I have been posting for months, when others were calling JM ELITE, he is a great guy but just an average/ mediocre QB. 9-9 at season end is a good accomplishment for him, when it happens. Besides all that though, he is only a reflection of the team in general.

I wouldn't put the loss and performance solely on JM. The entire team was bad.

I'll maintain my stance on JM that I've had since the debate started. He's been steadily improving, he's capable of being a great QB, but I wasn't ready to anoint him anything until I saw at least one full season from him as a starter. I think the problems are more with coaching and management.

Some of the personnel moves have made me feel uncomfortable that they know what they're doing.

Trading for Chapman and then not being able to sign him? Trading Hughes for Adams and then releasing him. Back in 2015, not subbing ZC out when we had huge leads late in games. Heck, even Fantuzs retirement reminded me of how many high end recivers we've let get away in recent years... keeping Fantuz at the expense of losing Elingson was a mistake I saw at the time but managment couldn't.