Fanless Argos do not deserve a Cup

It may be good for the league to have Toronto win the cup but it will not make a lick of difference tomorrow as those who live in Toronto do not support their team or this league. The band wagon fans in the stands today will all disappear before the New Year.

Shut yer hole!

Mr. Pessimistic.

Sounds like sour grapes. Boo hoo, Calgary is losing. Boo hoo, it's not a great game. 1 fan 1 million fans it doesn't make a difference, the Argos are the better team (at least through 3 quarters) so to say "Argos do not deserve a Cup" is just plain ridiculous and old fashioned whining.

I wasn't aware the Grey Cup was awarded based on the number of fans a team has. Shouldn't the Riders be on a 49 year winning streak by that criteria?

Instead, lets try something radical. The team that scores the most points wins the game.

Crazy idea Tridus, but I think you might be onto something.

It's too bad my team (bombers) have to share their revenue to keep your team a part of this league. That is where my sour grapes come from. Your city is 10 times the size and and you can not even come close to Bombers attendance. I laughed when they just mentioned Toronto season ticket holders threatening to turn their tickets in when they let Boyd go. How many season ticket holders would that be? what do you have in total? 100?

Drop it now before you make a fool of yours... Oops too late!

It's not the Argos fault that Winnipeg keeps Joe Mack around. :stuck_out_tongue:

The Argos team has alot more class than Calgary, even without the fan base. Had Calgary put less time into their entrance dances and more time into preparation for the game, it might have been closer.

Happy for the fans that TO does have. I am a Rider fan and am pretty sure we have propped up the Argos too, but hey this the CFL and that's what we do. And there is no denying TO deserved this win. They were the best team today PERIOD. And that alone makes them deserving.

Great for TO....Great for the CFL...Congrats Argos

Oh I get it now, your a Bombers fan, that's where the bitterness comes from. #2 and counting eh?

And thanks for the "financial" help. You want a little piece of the 5 we won since your last victory?

Rider fan REPRESENT.... Greatest fans in the league my $^%#@

The cup isn't for the fans it's for the players that got the job done, Toronto kicked butt, I hope some of those fans that dressed up in blue support their team, but Toronto is a two sport town, cheer for the Leafs, or a winner at the moment. Hope the Argos can market some of the players, so the team has more of an identity to the fan.

Argos deserve the cup hope the city doesn't sleep tonight

Argos played way better