Fandom Poll

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CFL only - it's only affordable.

Bills versus Argos.......who wins?

Nobody wins in that scenario.

Call me any name you like, I'd rather see the Argos than a hundred games at Buffalo.

I am a true fan of TC, but I watch each and every CFL game no matter who is playing, even Montreal. I like Toronto, I enjoy watching them play, particularly Ricky Ray but they are always second. When I first started watching with my Dad when I was about 5 or 6 I would root for TO over his Ottawa RR, but then I matured and took on the TC around the time my junior football coach came on board, a former TC.

Last year I watched a few Steelers games as I was hard up for football after the fantastic Grey Cup. The NFL is ok, but it would never replace the CFL in my heart.

And that what it comes to. Reasonable price for good entertainment.