Fancy new look

I just noticed today that updated all of its player pages and the stats page, etc. It looks pretty nice.

Stats: :thup:

Yes, looks good. Site keeps on improving.

I wonder if we can thank our man Jett? :thup: Jet…Jet…Jet :rockin:

its still stupid. They still dont let you sort passers by rating. No good rational for it. People who know what they are doing, pay attention to details. Just ask Mike Holmes.

Sorting by QB Rating wouldn't be very useful as the passing stats include any player that attempted a pass. They would have to set a minimum pass attempt filter on it or limit it to QB's before allowing to sort by rating.

not hard to do. Its done on all kinds of pool sites

Cranky 0ld Man=Football You Bet.

Doesn’t the bible encourage positivity?

Yeah the site looks far better than a couple seasons ago. Now hopefully all teams go to standard formats for the websites. It's annoying not being able to find something because it's not the same as another teams page.

Canadian apathy encourages acceptance of second and third rate products and services.

That’s not the bible. That’s Tony Robbins.

And always looking for the cherry ruins the enjoyment of the ice-cream.

hey, if you order a cherry on top, you should get a cherry on top. Nothing less is acceptable.

Haha, I like the way you think.

On another note, the individual player stat pages actually reflect their positions. Chad Owens is a WR/KR, so his receiving, kick return and punt return stats are all listed. Similarly, Andre Durie is listed as a RB/SB, so his receiving and rushing stats are included. Good job