Fan960 Calgary throws Rider Party!

........just seemed weird to dredge up an obscure old post to make a comment like that, you shouldn't be bothered by the Burris thing anymore, it's old.......

Im not bothered anymore, I just lost all respect for him.


Ha ha ha it is the lie thing. It is funny If hank lied what the heck is Shivers doing?6 years of promises and they are below their expectations of a year ago. Lat year they were 9 and 9 this year 8 and 10 just sad. One dam play away from a Grey Cup and it was Burris that carried them to that point. If not then why is the team sneaking in through a crossover.

Burris didnt carry the Riders last year, it was Keith and the oline on offense, and our defense.

Greenandwhite I can see how they are carrying it today!

hey redandwhite, SHUT UP PAL, YOUR DONE

You know RNR you have a lot to learn in your young life! Shut UP I do not think so.

Comgradulations Eskie fans, the team came together with a supurb effort under the leadership of Maas. I am glad for Maas he has been a class player and has shown who should be the number one QB for the Eskimos.
Good Luck the rest of the way!

Burris sure did show what he was worth last night. 3 INTs an 0 Touchdowns. We may have lost too but at least we didnt spend 350 grand on our quaterback.

Greenandwhite, look at the standings next year your team will be lower then the bombers. You really got get over the Burris thing most have except I guess one. So go tune up the combine hillbilly!

I dont live on a farm. As far as being lower than the Bombers, I doubt it. We will be ahead of Calgary next year.

Yes and I see you are a bit messed up on the meds!