Fan960 Calgary throws Rider Party!

There is a new Saskatchewan Radio station in Calgary the Riderfan960.
It appears Calgary fans are not good enough to have a party hosted by the local radio station. Whats your thoughts?

If I owned a radio station in Calgary, I would supoort the opposition to. Besides 90% of the listeners are from Saskatchewan any way.

I do not think so! You have been drinking again my fat little buddy!

Explain this a little more. Just throwing this out there, does not explain it to anyone outside of Calgary.

Billy go drink another dozen beer you are not making since again.
but just in case you are capable of reading in your state here it is.

Interesting spin! A local Calgary Radio station is hosting a rider party during the game! Mike and Kevin Feterik are guest of honour. Could this be a new owner for the Riders and will he be bringing in a new QB for them next year. Just wondering!

redwhite, you're not actually serious about the Feterik thing, are ya? I don't listen to the fan much, so I can't even confirm or deny, but really??????

Wow, would we be lucky to have Kevin Feterik as our QB, I remember reading about him when I first moved here.... I think he just didn't get a chance here in cowtown :wink:

(by the way, for anyone who didn't notice, the whole last paragraph was ALL sarcasm..... just in case)

Come on Dribble boy, you know as well I as I do that when the stamps play the Riders in CAlgary at least half the fans are wearing Green and White. The FAN is just playong to the fans.

........oh fat one.....please go back to eating your noodles and rubbing your belly.....your enlightenment is not needed here..........

Ah circumfrence you are only fooling yourself again. Like Redabdwhite stated you have been eating to much noodles it has taken over your brains.
I believe the Feterik thing is true, I heard it on the riderfan960 unless they are joking. I have also heard that several sponsersto the station have been contacted and are not happy with this promo. By the way Buhda I hear if you keep eating you will be so large you will need your own area code.

Dribble boy are you going into a battle of wits unarmed again.

Of course if a radio station in one city that has a CFL team ran a promo that promted another team they would be complete idiots. THen again we are talking about a Calgary Radio station.

Thank you old Rotund one!

I think you need a reliable source to confirm the story.....Has any one called Marty York Yet?

He was at the [party with M ike and Kevin Feterik. He was getting the scoop on the Feteriks purchasing the Riders and bringing a new QB to Regina!

It's about being a team!

The Riders are community owned and will NEVER be sold. We have Rider shares, and if the Feteriks want to buy the Riders, then they will have to reimburse the fans.

lets see... rider shares, eh,
by purchasing your shares you own how much of the team.... 0.1%. with no voting power.. and no potential for earning dividends... unless you consider watching losing season after losing season a dividend. so if federik wants the team he could buy the 99% shares with voting power. and if there is some legality saying he needs to buy out the remaining shares they would likely have very little value. less than you paid i suspect. rider fans i support your love for the team. but sorry the money put into rider shares is no more than a donation to the team in reality

First of shares, do you get a dividend at the end of the year if not it is not worth the paper it was printed on. I have some swamp land for sale. IMO the Feteriks would have a hard time purchasing another CFL team so I would not worry. But Mike did pay the bills. Riders could use private ownership but again this is MO.

Burris on the Riderfan 960 gave them a hard time over supporting the Green team. But good old Dumb Kerr pointed figures at the promo department and tried in vain to change the subject to late. Well this promo will back fire many business leaders have mentioned they may use their advertising dollars else where! I thought turkey's could fly really!

Burris is a sellout. I dont care what he says anymore.

........funny, I dont' recall anyone asking if you cared or not.........

You told me good RedandWhite.