Fan590 Ignores CFL Again

Over at that other radio station, a big deal is being made of their upcoming "Presidential Summit". In their opinion, the "biggest & most influential sports figures in Toronto" includes Paul Beeston, Brian Burke, and some guy named Colangelo. Bob Nicholson, the president of the blue team apparently wasn't invited. If you need any more proof of this media outlet's contempt for the CFL listen no further.

Of course, McCown did say that Brunt couldn't be there because there are only spaces for 4 in the studio. I'm pretty sure that he wouldn't deal himself out. :slight_smile: Still.... the Blue Team was short-sheeted.

Former Ontario Conservative leader, John Tory used to be on that list (don't know if he still is)

Blue team = Green Party :cry:

Its obviously an advertising device as all the particpants are MLSE/Rogers owned and or Rogers partners.
It's all product and station promotion for the FAN who are now fighting TSN for market share.
If Argos were MLSE owned or if the CFL had a Rogers TV deal they would be there.

When and if Rogers ever gets the broadcast rights to the CFL, and they have bid for them in the past, you will see a sudden and not so mysterious change in the interest level regarding the CFL at FAN590.

Makes sense to me what you're saying zontar, it's all about corporate stuff. This is one reason, probably not major but one anyways, why the NFL doesn't like corporate owners, it detracts from the personal "feel" of what teams should be about to fans and I can see their point. Mind you, only the NFL is able to make such a policy I suppose.

Corporate ownership sure makes it easy on me not to be a Blue Jays or Leaf fan although I grew up liking the Tigers in baseball (no Blue Jays back then) and the Habs in the NHL. That being said, I suppose one is a fan of a team regardless who owns it or how many teams they own.

Other than the 10 000 or so serious baseball fans still left in TOR and the relative handfull of Raptor fans who else would care about this if Burke wasn't involved ?

Gurantee you no matter what the question or subject the conversation will drift to why MLSE hasnt produced a Stanley Cup for the Leafs.

No coincedence its taking place at the time when TSN radio just launched nor is it a coinicidence its at the start of NHL playoffs.

Hockey. Hockey. Hockey.

Just aswell the Argos aren't there they never get a word in edgewise.

The point is the Fan590 has a bias against the CFL and does not deserve our support.

On a positive note, Hogan had CFL talk today - two months prior to training camp.

Give the man a cigar.

But even if there are only 10,000 fans a game, they have 84 or so home games! Major league sports like baseball do make a lot of money from the corporate sector, advertising, private boxes etc. The Jays are probably still making a lot of money and an NFL team would make a ton of money in Toronto. It's not about the 40 or 60,000 fans paying $40 or $50 a game its about the "Private boxes", "Club seats" and the advertising revenue that comes with the Major leagues.
Like it or not CFL fans will not pay for "club seats" or "private boxes" and the corporate sector just isn't out there for the CFL.

Mike, the NFL isn't coming to Toronto.

Of course it's like Quebec seperation. Eventually it will happen.

Sure but those numbers dont necesarily jibe with listenership ratings from a mass audience which is what really matters to the FAN.
If the Jays weren't a Rogers owned interest their presence on the FAN would be minimal the rationale being attendence is low and there isnt a buzz about baseball in TOR anymore - presumably the same rationale they use for the Argos.

Of course it is not...just like a West Harbour stadium.

I'm not sure there is such a thing as "the buzz" anymore in Toronto. Sure people will say I'm crazy, the Leafs are "the buzz" but somehow sports fanship in Toronto regardless of team or league or how many stores stock what or how much tickets are for whatever team, seems to be lacking to me in an indirect way, sort of soulless.

I suppose that's why I'd love to see the Argos move to a place like Moncton or any city that's less confusing than Toronto. Toronto is a confusing city to me in many respects, one foot in and one foot out and looking about for this and that but not really feeling anything. Don't get me wrong, I like the city, it's safe as far as big cities go but something is lacking from the gut for me from that city. Maybe it's because it's Bay Street corporation city. There's a dullnes of some sort. Will the city feel they "made it" with an NFL team, with the Leafs winning the SC, did they "make it" with 2 World Series wins? I don't have a clue. Will they ever "make it"?

Oops forgot, they need a "big" Euro soccer team to have "made it". etc...

I think in my mind I'll say they continue to "make it" as long as they have the ability to host Canada's national football championship. :wink:

Toronto can certainly support a CFL team, heck even two. One challenge the blue team has is the stadium - not the best for viewing football. Another is the not so hidden agenda of the Rogers empire. Their rot is most evident among the young and impressionable who buy into the NFL's marketing and betting culture. Anyone who cheers for a team south of the border, yet puts their nose up at the CFL isn't a football fan - they are an NFL fan. Similarly, junior and minor league hockey doesn't work in the so-called Mecca of the sport. Those fans aren't hockey fans - they are Leafs addicts.

It will come eventually and we have to stop being afraid. Toronto is prime territory for the NFL, it has nothing to do with young people buying into the NFL hype or people betting on NFL games etc It is all about the corporate sector and the rich of Toronto, the Leaf type fans that can afford to pay put up the $7,000 year after year for season tickets.

It has nothing to do with “bums in the seats? the Bills would rather have smaller crowds in Toronto and be able to tap into the rich Metro market and its not just about advertising revenue. In Buffalo they don’t have the “club seats? and “private boxes? that other richer NFL cities have.
Just look at Cincinnati, they have 7,000 club seats that range from $1300 to $2800 for a season, they are sold out., that is over $12MILLION in revenue. They also have 110 Private Suites with 104 of them sold out, the cheapest private box is $86,000 near the goal line up to $150,000 at centre field. That’s another $12 MILLION a year.

The Toronto corporate community would snap up the private boxes and the sports crazy fans that buy Leaf season tickets would snap up the “Club Seats?
An NFL team like Cinci can make $24MILLION alone from these expensive seats.
The Bills in Buffalo can pack in 70,000 fans but can’t come anywhere near the revenue from the “special seats?
Toronto is prime territory for the NFL, 6 to 8 million people within a 45 minute drive to the stadium. Higher income level than any potential US NFL city, a huge corporate community and advertising potential. Huge potential TV revenue.
A CFL team with 25,000 fans a game paying $40 could only generate $1million or $9 million a year.

I still prefer the CFL and don't watch a lot of NFL but Toronto will get and NFL team at the Rogers Centre and they will spend a lot of money to renovate and put in Private Boxes and Club seats.

The Argos can survive if they move out to somewhere like the Mississauga/Oakville area. Bring the team to where the fans are. The Argo fans don't live in downtown Toronto they live in the suburbs.

Im boycotting the fan 590, I started listening to TEAM 1050, it's a lot better for CFL content. Mike Hogan was on yesterday and talked about the CFL and had guests on. :thup:

GO 1050 GO !!

Wake me when it happens, Mike.

tc23, me too (except for Blue Jays games).