I really enjoyed meeting the players today after practice and getting a few signatures

man that was a joke. it was susposta be practice from 10 - 11 and the they were guanna stay for pics and signatures after. i showed up at 10 40 and there wassnt a player to be seen. the only people i met were eakin after he was changed because he was doin an interview and tay on his way to the car.

Ya what a disappointment that was...I showed up at 11:15 and Ivor Wyne was empty. There were quite a few kids that were upset they couldn't see their favourite players.

After a dismal season, you'd think PR would try to get back in the cats in the good books. Chances of tommorrows game being sold out i'd say are pretty good. Although realistically its not for the on-field product its as a thank-you to pigskin


Ya my girlfriend and I showed up for the meet and greet at 11am and no one was to be seen. We were even told that we were trespassing. What a disappointment. And it seems like the news on the site is wrong as well. It says practice is at 10pm...awesome... :thup: :roll:

You weren't expecting professionalism or attention to detail were you?

The press release should have given everyone a hint when they said practice was at 10:00 PM.

On Saturday, October 14, the Ticats invite their fans to attend their walk-though practice beginning at 10:00 PM.

i did get to meet vaughn and had him sign my CFL game ball. out of all the players i met i was dissapointed with vaughn as someone else asked him if he planned to stay with hamilton and he said something snotty like not if we keep this up. He had a bit of an attitude also (i really hope i misunderstood him but i was 1 foot away). I did get my picture taken with MAAS though so i was happy. Pat Flemming was very friendly and actually thanked me for coming out and supporting the team which showed some genuine thanks for the fans. All the people that say Morreale does great things in the community should have been there today he was gone to the locker room 5-10 minutes after we where permitted onto the field. The best person there to support the fans was Julian Radlian. he was the last one off the field being more than personable to everyone. I do know the players and fans where cold so maybe this should have been done in doors maybe in the locker room or something. for the most part i was happy but if you did go by the schedule on this site you would have been dissapointed. i was able to get some pictures and signatures and meet some great players and real professionals but i was done and home by 10:45.

The organization has proven that if the stadium is full nothing else matters.....

With continous problems with concessions, continous raising of prices, strip you of pretty much everything at the gate, poorly run game day give aways (plaques for example) to the play on the field and now "Fan appreciation day".

I too got there with my daughter at 10:40 in hopes to watch tail end of practise and then autographs to find an empty stadium. Event staff were very apologetic and directed us to players parking lot to wait for them there. said players were fine with this and expecting it. However, only a handful left and mostly back ups and rookies (though my daughter did not mind).
If you state times on your website and emails then stick to them. Just another disappointment to the season.

Kavis Reed did come out and took my daughters autograph book to the locker room to get the stragglers to sign it as she was getting cold so thank you Kavis. And a reporter offered us to come with him to Ron Lancasters press conference so others were trying to make it right.

The Argos put on an amazing fan day at the start of the season that I have been suggesting to the Cats for years. It is a day or two before the end of camp. They have an hour practise and then fans on the field for autographs afterwards. however, they bring the kids on for stratching and warm up and even have them run some simple drills (catch and pass or running) with their favourite players. Then they can go to the sidelines and watch the rest of the practise. The cheerleaders on there performing and signing autographs as is their mascot and the management team (Owners, gm, president , etc). They always seem to have several sponsors giving away freebies - hot dogs, pizza, pop, donuts etc). It is is in Jume so warm and players more likely to hang around as they are not banged up, fully focused on a game, etc.

The Cats should look into this next year. get Tim's on board and a Pizza Pizza and give the fans what they deserve.
Hoping things change in 2007!!!!

Very well said, I thinlk the organization should hire you to do this. They should at least look into a dedicated position that focuses on the fans and the fan experience. experience. There should be a a really well done fan day adn continued events though out the year to keep the community invovled.

I was their right from the beginning and what a joke...not the organization but as fans. Literally 20 people showed up to watch the practice. What do you expect the players to do? Sign everyone’s autographs and than have 40 players wait around in hopes more people show up?

People complain about having practices closed but no one shows up anyways. It’s the same complainers over and over again complaining about everything possible.

We all should had a touch game of football.

Would of kept us warm too.

Fan appreciation day? this was nothing short of an insult. Care to comment on this Caretaker. If this is how you repay you're fans for one of the worst seasons ever I'm speachless. I guess we wont feel so bad when the price increase comes after giving us this "special" day. This was the straw that broke glen Campbells back. I'm done with this team.It's one insult after another. II'm a single mom of three with one on the way. I have to scrimp and save all year long to get the money for my tickets. Well if this is how you treat your loyal fans dont call me come renewal time with your price increase, I think i'll use the money for birth control!!!!!

Yeah I was actually quite ticked off myself. I got there just after 11 and nobody was there either. My kids were really looking forward to seeing some of the players again. I rushed my kids from gymnastics to the stadium and still found nobody there. I did manage to chat with Holmes (he was signing autographs at the Farmer's Market today) and he was extremely friendly and very nice to the kids. He explained that not many people showed up and some of the players had other commitments (ie the Mark's Work Warehouse opening etc) so they had to leave early to get there by noon. Obviously whoever did the scheduling dropped the ball. I do have to agree that Radlein is the nicest, most fan friendly player I've come across in many years. There are lots of others who come quite close too. Boreham, Eakin,Hitchcock and many others.

Here is the press release from the website.

Saturday, October 7, 2006 - 12:39PM

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats have added a special event during the weekend of their October 15th regular season home finale to show their appreciation to the most passionate fans in the Canadian Football League.

On Saturday, October 14, the Ticats invite their fans to attend their walk-though practice beginning at 10:00 AM. Following practice, fans will be welcomed on to the field for a special meet and greet with the team, where players will sign autographs and pose for pictures.

Press Release

And you're just thinking of this now?????? :roll:

Pretty funny stuff and damn quick editing, unfortunately a dozen people (two of which are Cat employees)all had a good look at the original, which by the by was also cut and pasted from the same page.
It's sad that anyone actually went to that kind of trouble when I'm sure most fans at this point don't really care (anymore) about the meet n greet and have long since gotten used to the "aw shucks, dumb ol me" routine.

Why does it matter how many people watched practice and why is that being used as an excuse for players not being there for the advertised 11:00am autograph session?

Maybe some of the staff should quit with the fake nics on the website and figure out a way to edit all those ticat Insider emails with an announced start of 11:00am for the meet.

One fan or 20,000 doesn't matter, treat them decent.

LOL...just how many different copies of the same press release can google find?

[url=] ... =clnk&cd=2[/url]

Supposedly released at the same time on the same day.

Quote of the day,

"“This event is a great way for our fans to meet our players,? said chief operating officer Rob Katz. “The team is fortunate to have such great fans and events like this show how much we appreciate their support.?"

On Saturday, October 14, the Ticats invite their fans to attend their walk-though practice.[b] At 11:00 AM[/b], fans will be welcomed on to the field for a special meet and greet with the team, where players will sign autographs and pose for pictures.
Interesting.... all of this happened on a day where my 15 year old sister went to Sports Obsession THREE times to get tickets for tomorrow only to be told that the computers were down and they were unable to sell tickets.

Great Day in Ticat Land.

Ya today is a really sad day in Ticat Land. And I too would love to hear what the caretaker has to say about this one!

Went Really was not that Impressed..
Guy did Quick walk Though 10:15
10:20 They Signed things..
10:45 Everyone was in..

Some players did not even come out to sign anything.

The PR Dept needs an Overhaul

I knew some players where going Mark Work Warehouse on the mountain

To explain the events of the day -- the walkthrough practice was cut short due to cold weather. At this time the 70+ fans in attendance were immediately granted access to the field where they interacted with the members of the team and got autographs.

After the team signed autographs for the fans -- the players headed into the locker room because there wasn't any requests left to fulfill.

The press release did state 11:00 and the organization apologizes for any inconvenience that this may have caused. If you were a fan that did show up to Ivor Wynne stadium after 11:00 please send me a PM or an email at and I would be happy to come up with something for you

Let me know if you have any other questions