Fan vs Consumer

I am tired of the continous threads of going to bouycott versus hey you are not a fan then so see ya later...who needs ya.

Is a fan not different than being a consumer.

Case in point. I love Italian food. I go out each week to my favourite restaurant to eat Italian food. Now say one day I go there and my meal is horrible. Being a fan of Italian food and the restaraunt I do not say anything. Ooops mistakes happen. I go back next week and the meal is worse. What do you do. Most who care would complain. The owner does his job and entices you back (free meal, discount, certificate, etc). So you go back and meal still stinks. You complain again and are told new "chef", please give him time. As a fan of the food you agree to be patient. In the meantime the owner re-decorates the restaraunt and makes the "dining experience" fun and much better than before. So you continue to go as it seems they are trying. In fact the owner has been able to fill his restaraunt with the "buzz" of this new and exciting improvements. However, your meals still stink and as the restaraunt is full the prices increase. What would you do?? You would either finally go to a new restaraunt to eat Italian or stay home and make your own Italian meals. The restaraunt will eventually need to change the chef, staff, decrease prices or close down. Does the make you someone who is not a true fan of Italian food or a smart consumer?

Ticats are the same thing. In 10 years our record is 72-101-3 (40% winning), 2 Grey Cup appearances with 1 win and 5 times made the playoff (50% of time). Maybe this is acceptable and great in a 30 team league but not in a 8 or 9 team league. Through new owners, chefs and staff the results stay the same. Then this where the problem lies. New owner takes over and needs to get consumers so they concentrate on game day experience and do one heck of a job (attendance and interest proves it). As a good business man they increase prices to make more money. However, they ignore game day field results (once can argue but I think the record proves it). So what happens the atmosphere gets stale and the meal still stinks. What am I going to do???? Continue to eat bad meals. I leave as do many others, the new fans get tired of the atmosphere and leave too....what does that give you 1988 Save the Cats and the owner leaving dodge making a few bucks. Maybe I am wrong, and hope I am (but have nothing proving me otherwise right now).....

Does this make me a bad fan or a smart consumer?????


boycott the games and you too can experience the Ottawa experience. Yup, that be the thing to do alright. Then what will fairweather ticat fans have to complain about?

Your analogy is interesting tydoggz and yes, based on it you are a smart consumer. However, the flaw with your argument is that there are a multitude of Italian restaurants in Hamilton but only one professional football team. I too am very frustrated but I truly believe that this organization is dedicated to perfecting the recipe. Hang in there and let’s see what happens by the end of the year. The décor is in place and the infrastructure is shaping up – it’s now time to find the right chefs and ingredients. Everything is still simmering and needs time. This current program is only 3 years old and football dynasties take time just like a nice tomato basil sauce :wink:

Difference is this time the owner doesn't need the few bucks bailing out of town quickly. Bob Young will stick around through this, while he is the type that wants to be successful right from day one, he also likes challenges when these crop up, he is a gamer and has the funds to be able to play the game for a very long time. I might also add that I bet Bob Young is as tough as nails can be and will love nothing better than to get a winning team on the field. He ain't no bailer. A tough cookie me thinks.

To imply that people who complaining about the Cats are "fairweather fans" is absurd. The fact that they are taking the time to yell and scream on this forum shows their passion for this team.

If you don't want to go to the games...more power to you! That doesn't make you any less of a fan. I don't think people are saying "boo hoo we lost so I don't want to go to the games". The point is, we've BEEN losing for a very long time and people are sick of it. If you can sit and smile through this and keep on going to every game...GREAT. You're a better man than I am. And you're also in the VAST minority. But don't call people a fairweather fan because they are sick of paying $50 to watch the Cats lose.

Not everyone has a bunch of friends or kids to go to the game with. Some are there only to see the game.

IMO, consumers and fans are different things. Consumers purely look for an entertainment experience, and walk away when the team loses. Fans have a much stronger emotional connection and suffer through it when a team loses. When it comes to restaurants, I'm a consumer. I don't get depressed when one closes, or elated when one opens. When it comes to Tiger-Cats football, I'm a fan; my emotions rise and fall, to some extent, with the team's fortunes. I'm not saying that makes me smarter, or a superior human being. It may, in fact, mean I'm nuts. It certainly means I will be there for the next home game. I will be joined by fans. I'm hoping the consumers give it one more shot, too.

There Allways the Bulldogs.. :smiley:

Bulldogs are fine when I want to watch hockey, a different game, inside an arena. But when I want to watch a game outdoors with hitting and that, it's football for this guy. And the TiCats are the game in this town.

Well I guess then You where have To Two Choices

(a) find another CFL to Cheer..
(b) Find a NFL Team to Cheer..

Agreed...some time still may be needed.....however, there is another restaraunt in the area....The Argo restaraunt....can still be a Ticat "fan" but go to Toronto to watch good football games

only if you still go to all the cat home games.

but go to Toronto to watch good football games
Good football and Argos are an oxy-moron, they just don't go together if your a cat fan

I do. I have season tickets for the Cats (10 years) and go to most of the Argo games for the last four years. I can compare game day experience and on field product and the price and value of both. After attending and watching both products do I feel like I am getting "ripped off" as a Cat consumer....getting there. Will I stop being a Cat fan....hell no.

good on ya :thup: :rockin:

Amen to that.
You have written one of the best posts I have seen on this forum in a long time!

Notwithstanding my often mind boggling posts, I agree with with Andrea. Well said.

And you could throw a forbidden chant in there for fun :slight_smile:

its not the complainers that are fairweather, it is those that take it to the next level and talk about not going to games anymore, just because the team is having a hard time on the field.

Unfortunately there is many long time season ticket subscribers and fans that have this attitude. it is frightening and disconcerning because if we lose these fans we go back to the late 80's where a generation of fans are lost and 10 000 people fill the stadium. A lot of these comments are out of frustration but not empty threats. It is a major issue and people on these forums with attitudes of good see you --- you are not a true fan anyways will not help the cause. And hopefully the organization does not think if we lose these fans we will just get new ones to take their seats.