Fan view pay-per-view cameras

Just an idea that I had - wouldn't it be cool if there are no fans allowed in stadiums, to have the ability to pay for streams of the games from our virtual seats?

It could be a way of generating some team/league revenue and give people a familiar view of the field from their usual perspective.

TSN could set this up as a multi-streaming service per game.

Like I said, just a cool idea that could aid in the fan experience for both season ticket holders and anyone interested in different field views.

An Argo fan

Funny, I just completed a survey for the Argos in which they ask about how interested fans would be in paying for a "second screen" streaming service. On this second stream, the viewer would be able to choose between several camera angles and customize how stats are shows, etc.

It didn't specifically state that camera angles would be from ST views, but it would be a nice touch I think.

I got the same survey.

Though I've shot down the thoughts of PPV for reasons already discussed, a screen from a different point of view that a regular TV broadcast wouldn't provide would be more worth a nominal fee.

If they can set it up where it would be from my seat...or closet possible, I would be impressed and likely buy it.

I take it this feature would apply for 2021 if fans are not allowed in since 2020 is more likely a 1 city hub....or none at all

I would totally pay for the All 24 view.

It's a neat concept. I'd be down for that. I think it'll depend on if the TSN contract allows for that though

Anyone else think it might cost just a little bit to place a functioning camera on the seat of every STH who wanted to purchase this view?

It's a cost versus revenues issue; what is this setup going to cost to implement versus how many people will pay money to use it?

Agreed that it wouldn't be prudent to have it in every ST seat, perhaps a few cameras per section.

I also don't think this could be a league-wide initiative but something the Argos could offer under MLSE. It would be for TFC fans too and they could also put them in Scotiabank arena for Leafs and Raptor fans.

It is not happening. A few alternative camera angles for a fee, maybe. Specific seats/sections -- uh-uh. No way revenues would match costs.

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