Fan train expereince

well i had a great time in montreal,some of us fans were booed,went to the bell centre,walked down st,catherines street,then it was off to the madhatter,for the tailgate party,,overall a great trip,expet when we had train mechanical problems and that was a 2 hour delay,on the ride home which we got into aldershot after 7am.

we had train mechanical problems and that was a 2 hour delay,on the ride home which we got into aldershot after 7am.
That is par for the course for Via Rail !!!!

The switches were frozen.

I'm not going to be posting or reading any football related stuff on this site for a while, but I wanted to add my thanks to the players and coaches who came back and made a very long and bad train experience fun. I have the utmost respect for all of the guys who came back because I know how hard it must have been for them. It was really great to get a chance to chat with some of the guys. We were late getting into Montreal (and had no air conditioning in our train car) and then we were late getting back into Aldershot so Via is not my favourite right now, but the guys really made an effort to get out and talk to the fans and thank us for all the support. It was obvious that they are very frustrated and unhappy, but that did not stop them from interacting with the fans in a positive way and I had a good laugh with a few of them. They have always had my support and they will continue to.

-I agree with you Borehamgirl 100%. I was also in the same train car as you . some of the players that came back made the trip alot more fun Jerome davis was great ie cookie monster but overall we had no problems with the montreal people as where we went they treated us well exept for booing at the game for which i expected . one more thing Percival molson stadium is a bush league stadium it took me about a half an hour at half time to get to use the toilet the alouettes should get a new stadium Ivorwynne is 10 times better than percival molson stadium. The concessions are more expensive there also

Peter Dyakowski, Paschal Cheron, Zeke Moreno and Timmy Chang took the time to stop and talk to us, Peter even introduced himself to us and hung around for a bit. Coach Taaffe also took some time to talk to us.

The person I was most impressed with was Jason Maas, after a tough night and knowing that his own team’s fans are turning on him he came out, held his head high and was obviously frustrated. The amount of fans that ignored him was pathetic (at least in my car) and it was almost like he was waiting for someone to talk to him… we did and he stuck around for a bit, and kept apologizing for the performance on the field.

One thing I will say about this team is they really do seem to understand that the fans will hang around, we just want to see our team get better.

CBC showed a boisterous bunch of you Cat fans in close for a few seconds of Wa hooing.

I clearly could hear a Oskee Wee Wee too during the game!

Davis was killing me. They were starving the poor He must have come back into our car 5 times. It was great. I got booed while walking down the street in my Ticat jersey so that was fun. Everyone I talked to on the train was very nice. Dickerson was funny, can't wait to see him make snow angels. Rads was a class act as always and there were a good number of guys who stopped for an extended chat. I agree about Molson Stadium as well. The backdrop is gorgeous, but the stadium is awful. They don't even have any payphones that I could find and none of the event staff seemed to know where to find one.

Edit: I agree with Crash about Maas. I didn't really see anyone in my car ignore him, but I think it showed character and class that he came back after the thrashing he's been taking from the fans.

Are you kidding me?! "Fans" actually ignored Jason Mass??? I agree with you Crash that is PATHETIC!!!

From the few accounts I have read here and the one very long and insightful comment on the Tiger-Cat show on CHML today, it sounds like it was a great trip. I can't wait to move back to Hamilton. Then I will be able to participate in this ritual.

As far as the mechanical problem with the train, are you guys sure that's what it was. Via does use CN's tracks and therefore has to wait for CN's freight trains. Sometimes it's long wait. It does get very frustrating.

Thank you once again BG for giving me your ticket in the section. It was great to be with the fans who came up by train!

Oski Wee Wee,

Not a problem, Russ. It was great meeting you. We had a good time sitting behind the Ticats' bench. There was this one Montreal fan who seemed to be trying to hit on Glasper, cause he just wouldn't leave him I know he's cute, but it was embarrassing for the poor guy. :smiley:

Same here, BG! :smiley:

As Ken Peters noted in his Spec article online today, it was classy of Taaffe to let the players come over towards our section to recognize the folks. Jason Armstead was great in acknowledging the fans.

I hope the players as a whole understand the depth of commitment the fanbase has in sticking with this team through thick and thin. Sure there will be bumps in the road, people hopping off the bandwagon, etc., but the core is tight and behind them 100%, win or lose!

Oski Wee Wee,

We had a great time on the train ride and entire experience in Montreal.

Train ride could have been better -- it was downright scary at times...but we made the most of it. It was nice indeed to see some players spend some time rubbing shoulders with the fans.

Thanks to all. Let's do it again!

Believe me it was a sight, he came into our car with someone else, cant remember who it was and Jason just looked for people to say hi to... it was actually somewhat awkward as most ignored and the people around us made wise cracks about him. A younger fan got up and asked for a picture, he hung out with him for a few mins and made his way back... he got to our seats and i stood up to shake his hand, he said thanks and stayed there for a few... the guy is clearly frustrated borderline sad. You can see in the guy's face he wants to win more than ever and thats what makes the attacks against his character so outright brutal. Having said that his attitude and mentality is the perfect fit for this city, and i think its because we WANTED him to be the next DMac so bad when he got here we feel let down.

I really wish some people could walk a mile in his shoes and see what it must be like, but honestly... from a fan base that prides itself on being dedicated, the display i saw from the people on that train was indeed pathetic. He showed a great deal of class coming back to greet the fans, and believe me he would want nothing more than to bring a championship to this city.

Re CN: It was indeed a power/mechanical issue as the train power kept turning on and off as the train stopped and started basically once an hour until the 2nd half of the trip home... it did seem a bit uneasy at times.

The train trip wasn't that air conditioning? - a 2 hour delay? - downright scary at times?
The "blue balloon" car had air conditioning that broke down during the trip, but it didn't get too warm until we were almost in Montreal.
It wasn't a two hour delay due to mechanical was 2 short delays when they turned off the power for a few minutes. Our ETA for Toronto was 5:30 (even though our "making tracks" paperwork said Aldershot at 5:00-5:30) and ETA for Aldershot was 6:30. We arrived at 7:30.
What was scary? We sat in our seats while they fixed the mechanical problem. It didn't get hot, or stinky, we didn't have to change trains, didn't even have to stand up if we didn't want to. What was scary about that? Maybe those who are complaining should have taken the pillow VIA rail kindly gave us, put it over your head and take your mind to "your happy place".

Just what we need.

Another intolerant poster dismissive of the opinions of other.

Before I begin, I would like to apologize for the length of this post, but since it's my very first post, I have a few things to say. Being new residents of Hamilton, Mrs. TiCatNut and I can finally enjoy being active fans. We've love the Ti-cats for over 30 years, but living 300 miles away kept us on the side-lines. We jumped at the opportunity to travel with the team almost a quickly as we bought our seasons tickets last winter; no regrets. I could sum up our latest trip as "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly". The Ugly describes the Molson stadium in Montreal; it is ok as a college field but woefully inadequate as a pro facility. I can't say enough about the seats; suffice it to say , I've never touched or been touched by so many people simultaneously since ... well this isn't the forum for that one; lets just say we were very close. Staff at the Molson stadium were simply rude.
You might think the Bad moniker describes the game itself, but I can't report on that. Actually, I wouldn't know how bad the game was,(except for the score} those of you who watched from home would know much more than I. Crowded into about 1.5 square feet, in the endzone, at ground level, with French only announcements made it a real challenge to follow the game. No my Bad is reserved for the train that limped into Aldershot.
The Good describes the players and coaching staff who had the cahonnes to place themseves at the mercy of their fans. My wife and I were touched by their courage and honesty. The character of these boys and men assures me that my faith in the Ti-Cats is not misplaced.
Walking down the hill that is University street with 5 minutes left in the game (I was very frustrated), I swore that I would follow the team to any city EXCEPT Montreal. After getting a good days sleep, If next year the team invites us to Montreal, we will go but will purchase descent seats away from the endzone. I really enjoyed the company of other fans but I need to SEE the game.

whats wrong with not wanting to talk to a player you think sucks and shouldn't be on the team. if the worst thing that happened to him on the train is have people ignore him hes lucky.

It's called RESPECT. He's a Ticat and went out there to win, played hard and didnt get the results. If he was playing any other position nobody would say a word.... case in point....

Jerome Davis, this guy was terrible last night... yet other posters are saying he was the highlight of the players that came back... people "dislike" Maas because of the position he plays, but imagine the feeling of building up the courage to go face the 200 fans that came on the trip only to be ignored by most (in my car at least).


And im done talking about this since you have found some way to defend such classless people.

I completely agree. Do you know that one "fan" in our car actually cussed out some of the players because we had to wait for them to get back to the train before we could board. She was using some very unladylike language and yet the players in question maintained a calm and polite attitude towards her and even returned back to our car more than once. I actually had a few players defend the fans to me when I was complaining about them.

There is no reason to treat these guys like crap when they are going out there and putting their bodies on the line (like Maas did that game). Shows a complete lack of class on the part of the fans. If any fan thinks that it is more frustrating for us than it is for the players, they must be stupid.

And with that post, I am officially out of the conversation as well.