Fan tastic Start

I am so happy right now. That Goddamn Eskimos monkey is off our back. I remember the last time Ottawa beat Edmonton back in 1983 with JC Watts and company. Its been way too long and I'm glad it's over. Thanks Redblacks. You have made me proud. Thank goodness we have Trevor Harris.

Totally agree!!
it was nice to finally get rid of the stupid monkey :thup:

I hope Hank’s finger isn’t too bad, but on the other hand, it sure is nice to have Harris!!!

thanks TO for keeping that other guy … :lol:

I still like Burris but I don't know what to make of him going down like he did and dropping the ball.

I thought he was having a heart attack . I think the player who touched him gently thought he was to and didn't grab the ball .

Harris looked like he has lots of poise and moxie when coming in and exploited the Esks weakness .

He looked like he has been playing for the RedBlacks for years .

Did not look good when he did not protect the ball and it was just his pinky, I thought his whole hand was dislocated by the way he acted.

That was weird. I can understand not being able to hold the ball but he looked like he was passing out. You'd think he'd just drop the ball and fall directly on top of it.

Making it more strange is that Campbell explained that Burris hurt it on the previous play. So it shouldn't have come as such a shock to Burris. Just bizarre.