Fan surveys...

What a joke those are, I completed the last one, then got an email saying they'd fix the survey based on my complaints when I did not send a complaint. Then today I receive the exact same survey, with the exact same problems as the last one, it was poorly worded and the questions were repetitive.

Haha...same thing happened with me. Very poor wording indeed. At first glance, I thought it was one of those Emails from Nigeria that would ultimately ask me for money.

They forgot to ask a question about the quality of the surveys!

Maybe its George Black who is running the survey....

Or Jeb Bush :lol: , anyone who said the refs need to be improved will have their survey's thrown out.

For all future surveys, could you put in a text box (for typed comments/answers) for some questions or at the end? I would have loved to give you some extra comments because this survey was worded/set up in such a way that you couldn't really disagree with it.

I have to agree that the surveys have been quite poor - hire someone with more than a grade 12 (or less) education to do the next one, okay?