Fan support thread-ideas please

OK folks.......its time to put our own bickering and differences aside.
This team is in real danger of leaving town. Something I just cannot imagine after being a fan in and out of Hamilton for six months short of 50 years. about we throw out some ideas to help support Bob Young.

Some suggestions have been made in another stadium thread but this is too important a subject to not have it's own topic.

For about a rally on Labour Day before the game at IWS? Something that will get the attention of TSN and be mentioned during the game coverage.

I'm sure some of you guys will come up with some other workable and newsworthy ideas.

It's time for us fans to step up and make our voices heard somewhere other than this forum.

Are we up to the challenge?

I would hate to see this team leave Hamilton without a fight from the fans.

Oski wee wee!!!!!!

I'd suggest a rally outside of City Hall on Saturday, say at 1 or 2pm.

Whatever we do, it must be done soon, and at a time when East Mountain supporters are available (i.e. not work hours). So either Saturday, Sunday or on a weeknight. Preferably on the weekend.

Who would be interested in attending a rally outside city hall this Saturday afternoon?

8) East Mountain supporters don't have anything to support anymore !!
 The EM site is now history.

tipster: Yeah...but you have a TEAM to support!!!!!

This is not about our site preference. That's out of our hands. People in the city need to know there are fans who are willing to stand up for this team and are willing to unite to make sure the Tiger-Cats stay in Hamilton.
That's why I suggested IWS. City Hall has done it's thing.
Who knows what Bob has in mind? We need to find ways of showing him that he still has support from the fans who do not want him to move the team.

I have no intention of going anywhere near city hall. My support will be to continue attending games with my seasons tickets for as long as a team remains in the immediate area.

We'll see if it's still history when the feds/province say no to the WH due to their being no legacy tenant... :cowboy:

The EM folks made a mistake last Friday getting too excited, and now the WH folks are doing the same. Still more cards to play.


      and if I can't convince you, read this from today's Globe and Mail:

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8) The EM site is history now to Bob Young !!!
 The only site that will work for him now is Confederation Park.  

 That is where the stadium should be, if it's going to be in Hamilton at all !!!


Did you not pay attention during this entire debacle?

justafan: I watched it from start to finish. I knew there were Tiger-Cat fans there but I was disappointed that only one ..larry pattison took the opportunity to speak when he made a pitch for IWS. Peter Mercanti made a great plea from a business point of view ..........but where were the fans?
That's why I started this thread.
If it does not fly, then fine. It is just my own small attempt to do make sure this team stays in Hamilton.

I suggest that everyone contact their local MPs and MPPs and suggest that they decrease their funding for the stadium. Now that there is no long term tenant there is no need for a long term stadium. There is the possibilty of building a temporary stadium similar to Empire Fields in BC. Do not get me wrong I am a season ticket holder and do not want to see the team leave, but I do not want the burden of increased taxes, or money being spent unwisely.

If there is no permanent tenant we do not need a permanent stadium. Lets at least save the money. This will put pressure on City Hall to negotiate with the Tiger Cats and find a suitable home. We already have one venue downtown that is not in use often, we do not need two. $100m for a two week event, will lead to increased taxes for years.

I really hope the city will get there sh!t together and put confederation on the table. Its not to late to fix this hole mess.

We need to support Bob, no matter what he chooses.

I made my statement at IWS last game along with about 24000 others. Why do we need to knock down the doors of City Hall? We rally every game I have been doing so personally since 1972 and have only missed 3 games because of my own sons sports. I have done my part and during the debate I stressed that the Mayor failed us all by not looking into another down town location.

Those who supported WH with such passion are the ones I call on now to line up to put their own money on the line and support the man who invested 30 million dollars saving the TiCats so the bleeding heart jack a$$es at city hall could clean up a fricken brown field.

If the TiCats end up at WH, we will here from the NEW owner that making a profit is impossible. Oh joy, at least since Bob Young came here I havent had to here that the teams folding or going bust.

We all blew it big time. But non more them FRED.

WH supporters should be in line at Javis St NOW if they really want a their stadium.

Support Bob ??? why the hell would i support Bob ???

I’ll support the Ti-Cats like i have for many many years … long before bob came into the picture …
support bob …??? hell NO

and if he yanks the team out of Hamilton then i’ll have more words for BOB and the Cats will be a distant memory

support BOB what the heck for i never paid for a ticket to go see him

I have to agree with this! :thup: :thup:

At the same time, I think a positive response from the fans is more productive than the "negative anti-Bob" etc. that I've seen on these boards.

This isn't over and quite frankly I don't think anything will really be decided until after the municipal election, because THIS HAMILTON COUNCIL was dysfunctional and irrational and close-minded to anything that the Ticats proposed!

ETMRaw, we do support Bob Young as fans for the most part. Its all those who campaigned for WH and havent been to a game in years or ever that best step up to the plate TODAY by supporting the business of the TiCats.

Only a whole load of NEW ticket purchasers can now make a statement. We've all already done our part.

I support Bob Young because I cant support our City Hall's flawed process.

Just a question -- what happened to Bruce13thman's thread that he started late last night? It was similar to this, only it had swelled to about 3 pages in an hour?

Edit -- found it. Not sure why it's buried in the "Cats may leave..." thread.

Why can't you just support the team and not have to pick bob or the city ???
and are you saying that everyone who supports the WH as a site location do not go to games??

thats what is the matter with this discussion ..

If they found a way to push this back until October after the elections I would be the happiest person. Im going to do everything I can to make sure the idiot chad collins does not get re elected in my riding.