Fan support CFL vs Canadian Soccer

Hmmm who taught me to put words together..I used a couple of wrong words instead of the right one

:rofl: Hey, I got the gist, good enough for me!

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I know a few people in this thread have mentioned the NBA
Watch their fan support shrink if they keep reselling tickets
(and yes we both know they needed to reduce 20K paying fans to 10K, the issue is that after cancelling everyones tickets they then proceeded to resell them at a significant markup)

Lots of other boards are blowing up in anger

You linked a webpage we have to pay to see? Umm no thanks

I was wanting to read if it was a Raptors thing or an NBA thing who is in charge of ticket sales in the NBA

Its the Toronto Star
Its totally free

Also; Ontario is (to the best of my knowledge) only area where a lockdown is in effect
Many States are mask free already *edit Hawaii seems to still have a few restrictions

…not in this case, the online article requires a subscription

Ya was gonna post a pic of that ...

I just want to know who controls ticket sales and if everyone got a refund then no big deal I doubt they just took everyone's money. It's just a bit to have to rebuy or someone already got the seats you wanted

Again I respond "???"

I do not subscribe to any newspaper and I can read it

Maybe its geoblocked for you since not in Toronto area? I dunno...

@oo_DAWG_oo this is an MLSE thing
They claim by cancelling everyone's tickets and allowing everyone to purchase at the higher price is the "most fair" solution

I fail to see how, as repricing things more expensive using Covid as an excuse falls afoul of ON consumer protection law

Either way it is a moot point now as entire Raptors team went down with Covid
Cancelled games as they do not have league minimum 8 players anymore so can not play

This seems a bit much but MLSE knows Raptors fans have money, they know it. Very interesting.

Ok I follow you ...ya that is kind of underhanded and just what absolutely every company for every product and service because Covid became the absolute excuse for everything..and it's gone crazy

ya maybe because I am in Florida it's locked behind a paywall here along with Red most news outlets do that on the net

CFL fan support vs. Canadian soccer. I've had season tickets with the Montreal Impact and enjoyed many festive nights with the supporters group. But nothing compares to the ambience I experienced at a Université de Montréal carabin game vs. Laval Rouge et Or. By far the loudest stadium I've ever been in. Having that been said, I do believe Canadian football is here to stay. Hard hits, big plays, just look how much fun the 108th Grey Cup was! I know soccer is upward trending since Commissioner Don Garber of the MLS lead a great expansion to the league making MLS a credible entity in professional soccer. Eventually it will plateau. CFL still has a great product with great talent and been around for a very longtime. Im glad to see players south of the border come here and enjoy the playing the canadian game and never lost the enthusiam for football :grinning:


Need more fans like you at games.

Am sure the CFL is stronger in Montreal than in years past.

Just the team is struggling right now.

Montreal has this wait and see approach with their teams.

Show us progress and we will be there with our money :moneybag:.

I agree with you 100% on the Montreal situation. Hopefully we can keep the players together. Looking at the roster, lots guys between 27-30 years old, thats primetime career age.

Concerning CFL fan support, I am tired of people belittling the league. I know its not the NFL. If you like fluffy marketing and bigger than life attitude go watch the NFL. It all comes down to a scrimmage line, a football and a pair of uprights. The discipline, grit, integrity remains the same. Then they talk about talent. Here in the CFL we got players who were MVP's in their respective teams in NCAA division 1 college football. Just because you were not a starter in NFL doesnt mean your not talented. That would be throwing away 15-20 years of dedication and commitment.

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True to that. That attitude is more of a Toronto based thing.

Personally I see Montreal as a better place for the NFL to expand to than Toronto.

Visited Montreal years back with my wife and kids.

Great place with the only downside being because I couldn't speak French I couldn't the service I needed at times.

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Well I see that the Ontario government is going to allow half capacity, 12,000, for this Canada-U.S. soccer match at Tim Horton's Field on Jan. 30th. You know this made me think of Laura Hillier. I'm starting to think that soon time to open everything up, let 'er rip. Look our healthcare system has always had to turn some people away due to lack of funding and foresight with capacity and we have to accept this as long as this underfunding continues. People such as Laura Hillier who had cancer and died while on a wait list, see link below, had this experience. Sometimes, sadly, it take such experience for governments to wake up and realize more funding for our healthcare system is in order. RIP Laura.
"Ontario teen who died waiting for stem cell transplant begged government to cut wait list"

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