Fan support CFL vs Canadian Soccer

Watched some of the Canada vs Mexico soccer tonight.
I wish that Canadian CFL fans were as hardy – and quit offering excuses about the weather being so cold in November.
Maybe we can turn some of those soccer fans into CFL fans?
Maybe the CFL promotions group figure something out (cheaper ticket prices also).
I do love that TSN promotes CFL but maybe it is time to switch to RSN?


It's not about the weather. It's not about the NFL. Its about a clunky, disjointed, boring repetitive presentation and a league that hasn't increased its depth of field in competition in Canada (expansion) for 70 years.

Congrats to Canada's national team.. hopefully we officially qualify for the World Cup and score a goal at the tournament this time around!

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I disagree JoeyT. Eventually I believe that gridiron football is going the way of the dodo bird in Canada, has nothing to do with the CFL 'presentation' on television or whatever. Kids aren't playing the game, gridiron, and without an NFL team in Canada to hype the game like the Raptors have done in basketball, it's game over. The CFL is seen now by too many as a semi-pro 'just' domestic league in a sport few are playing.
Eventually the Grey Cup will be won either by a rugby championship in Canada or soccer-football championship.
I know I will get blasted here but in order for gridiron to regain a higher profile in Canada, the NFL must have a team in Canada although the NFL really doesn't need a team in Canada at all for them to keep on being a money machine.
Just my opinion.

And yes, congrats to the Canadian men's team, the future of football in Canada is the soccer variety IMHO but I don't think it takes a genius to figure this out. So many kids are playing the game and it doesn't take much equipment and it doesn't have the contact like gridiron which is a turn-off big time for parents.

So you believe having the NFL in Canada will increase participation in football?

While it's true that football is declining in some parts of Canada others (Quebec) have shown strength.

Not sure an NFL in Canada is necessary to increase the profile of football and not everyone will switch aleagences to support a Toronto based NFL team , maybe in a generation or two assuming that the NFL will expand in Canada.

I think an NFL team in Canada with all the exposure on American television and media will make the sport of gridiron football as a spectator sport with that NFL team in Canada make the sport more high profile. Having an impact on CFL audience whether television, online, media don't know. I don't think the Canadian Elite Basketball League gets a lot of fans or TV audience (are they on TV?) with the popularity of the Raptors but the CEBL keeps truckin and just added a team in Scarborough this year.
I just look at the Raptors and Blue Jays and how Toronto loves them, of course with the Leafs, but even with the Argos in 1st place, not much love for them. The CFL and Argos are looked at too much in Toronto area as a Mom and Pop league, unfortunately. But I think the ARgos TV numbers in Toronto are ok if I'm not mistaken and MLSE can pay the bills, no problems there.

But I think people have too many expectations that the CFL should be as popular in Toronto, well Canada, but mainly Toronto as the NFL would be or is. No way in these days where the profile of the 4 major league teams and with soccer exploding with youngsters playing and a NA pro league run mainly out of the U.S. that keeps on truckin.

MLB and the NBA got it right putting a team in Toronto for their businesses, the NFL missed out, Toronto is a bigger market than Buffalo with more money. Kids in the big cities especially are drawn to athletes making the big money in the 4 major sports leagues and the popularity of soccer coming on more and more.

I don't know about getting more amateur and kids gridiron participation in Canada. Having an NFL team in Canada sure wouldn't hurt though.

And don't get me wrong, my no. 1 sport to watch on TV is gridiron, CFL first and then NFL. With the 'presentation' styles now, I'll take watching a CFL game on TV with an empty stadium than a NHL game or Raptors or Blue Jays game with packed houses. Heck I'll watch a CIS football game as well, love watching the CIS even with few fans and what most would say is an inferior 'presentation' style. That's just me. And I still can't watch much of soccer no matter the 'presentation' or how packed a stadium is, but I do like watching the highlights.

But I'm an oldie, in my 66th year.

It'll be interesting how the Scarborough Stars make out when they take the floor next year.

Aerial is right to say that the NFL would be a boon for football participation in Canada.

Whether we like it or not, English Canadian society is very much part of the greater American society. I mean everything we define ourselves by is always in terms of doing it a bit better or kinder or in colder weather than our American counterparts.

When it comes to pop culture or broad societal achievements, more often than not we only stop to acknowledge our own once they've been acknowledged south of the border.


The Raptors, Blue Jays, Leafs and Toronto FC play in the broader American pop cultural discourse.. so does Bieber, Drake, The Weeknd, Gosling, Reynolds etc.. these entities and public figures in turn inspire more Canadians to shoot for Hollywood so to speak. Just look at how many Canadians are playing key roles in the NBA today on account of the Raptors..

Even without an NFL team, more Canadians and the best Canadians are playing in the NCAA and earning roster positions in the NFL. An NFL team in Toronto would probably inspire a resurrection of many high school programs and create a push for adoption of American rules at the amateur level in the GTA if not all of Ontario.

And l would say that's unfortunate in a way.

But in another way, if the CFL survived the NFL's presence in Toronto, the increased participation in gridiron would only serve to increase the talent pool of Canadians in the CFL as well.

However I think we would just exacerbate the end of Canadian rules football with the NFL in Canada.

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The NFL on tv is more than the in person
I fail to see how adding an NFL team would have any positive impact locally whatsoever

We have more Bills season ticket holders than Argos season ticket holders so the idea the NFL needs to increase presence in Canada is laughable

The Bills actually tried playing in Toronto and that was a worse disaster than the St Louis Rams

I don't think the NFL needs a team in Toronto or Canada, they are already very popular in the US but the fact is that a team in Toronto compared with Buffalo just makes more business sense, there is more money in Toronto than Buffalo corporate speaking. The NFL should have put a team in Toronto if they were able to year, decades ago. But true, they don't need a team in Toronto.

The "Toronto experiment" that Rogers did with the Bills at the Skydome, er Rogers Centre, wasn't handled well from so many aspects.

At any rate, it will be interesting to see when at some point the Rogers Centre does need replacement for the Jays whether Rogers and their friends put their money and energies into a new baseball stadium or whether they would rather see an NFL type stadium with Toronto FC (or English Premier League?) and an NFL team. I guess time will tell but I don't think there will be money for both an MLB and NFL stadium, and both leagues now want specific venues of their own.

There also is more taxes
Fear of exchange rates (esp when guys like Trudeau let inflation run wild)
Far less value to all other teams in league (Toronto games get poor tv ratings in all sports stateside, & TV money is the NFLs cash cow)
And the outright hassle of crossing international borders

Buffalo is an anomaly (but then again most of the AFL teams were)
All the AFL (and later USFL) did was challenge the (at the time) much weaker NFL
You see today how laughable the idea of a new league is (WLAF, CFL USA, XFL, XFL2 etc)

Oh and Rogers (for years) has made their intent to get an NFL team quite plain
A couple big biz guys want a team up here

Having a team in Toronto is no benefit to anyone that lives out on the Lower Mainland.

Seattle is the closest thing to Vancouver for the NFL.

Interesting tidbit. Years ago around the time of the Bills in Toronto Series some fans out here mentioned how it would be good to have a team in Toronto so we can go to watch them.

I replied back as to why would I want to fly 5 hours to Toronto get a hotel spend a weekend which would be costly just to watch an "Toronto NFL" team when I can drive down to Seattle in 3 hours watch the Seahawks and come back home with only filling my car once.

So having a team in Toronto does nothing for me.


You are a reasonable person.

Unfortunately most Canadians, like your friends during the Bills-Toronto Series jump on the Hollywood-envy bandwagon as evidenced by Raptors or Blue Jays playoff run ratings.

The marketers know this and that's why all of Toronto's US based league teams try to brand themselves as "Canada's Team" in one way or another..

Thanks for the compliment.

Sadly Toronto (in my case pure joy) can never get over the fact that Montreal was the first Canadian city to enter one of the Big American sports leagues when the Expos were created in 1969.

I mean Toronto couldn't be the only team to enter the NBA as Vancouver was also part of that expansion.

Although those teams (Expos and Grizzlies) are gone now it doesn't change the fact that Toronto couldn't enter the Big American teams sports themselves.

Sorry TFC fans, the MLS does not count.

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Preaching to the choir .

Last night's national team soccer win was one for all of us . I see that as an extension of national sense of pride .

The raptors and jays is another Toronto or team fan thing they don't represent me ; they are a collection of pay to play gun for hires .

The owners like Rogers etc... or Bell annoy me trying to play on my sense of being represented by foreign Entertainers .

Again nothing wrong with being a fan of those teams but they don't represent me in any way or give me a feeling of pride .

Tell me about it.. everything about Toronto based teams touting their representation of Canada nerves me.

Especially "We The North".. by a team situated in one of the southernmost cities in the country and equaled or even "out-northed" by other teams in the same league:

  • Chicago
  • Minnesota
  • Portland

I hear you. Huge Flames fan myself but it doesn't mean I expect fans to jump on the wagon because a Canadian team vs an American team.

They are just club teams afterall.

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You got that right. Weird.

There is a major difference between 9-12 home games a year going out to support your local professional sports team and a national team on a once in a generation run.

Hot item here in Hamilton for this game that supposed to happen Jan. 30, sells out before tickets go on sale to the public and only resales and going for quadruple what they are worth. Seems they got the ticket pricing right for this match.

"Shawn Smith, who is a season seat holder with Hamilton-based soccer club Forge FC, which plays at the stadium, was one of the lucky ones to get access to the presale earlier this week.
"I was able to get my [two] tickets on Thursday and it still seemed like tickets were going pretty fast even then," he said. He paid $40 per ticket, he said."

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Wouldn't pay one darn cent to them fools ...look dude saying he paid 40 per ticket bet he tries to sell em for 100's

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Yup, agree.