Fan safety

I have been going to Ti-Cat games for many years.I tend to park in the Barton and Gage area.Thousands of fans cross Barton St.I cannot understand why there never has been any police crossing guards.Often fans are precariously threading their way through and around traffic.I find the lack of police directing traffic incomprehensible.

Use a crosswalk...they help!

I thought this was a thread calling for a contest for a fan to become the team's safety...LMAO

"Mr. Duane Shaw* of Binbrook, ROVER COME OVER!" :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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Oski Wee Wee,

Isn't there a traffic light at Gage & Barton and one at Lottridge & Barton ?

Yes.....lets all use a crosswalk and cross at the lights....great points but not done by all...if anyone

I was about to cross at said streets Saturday night and as I approached someone was inches from being slammed on brakes, skidded and jumped a bit..

person walking the street not paying 100% attendtion but driver of car was speeding down the street...

they have put a 3 way stop in a few years ago but the streets are a little awkward and cross walk is a little off from the corners and not well lit so does make it difficult for walkers and traffic

a police officer directing traffic would help (one usually on Cannon) and with all the recent tragedies of street racing....and the police officer could ensure walkers are following the rules as well much like the ones that posted above always do

the corner where the subway is on barton works fairly well if you use the crosswalks and say maybe wait for a "walk" signal....

It's bad no matter where you go. We were leaving the stadium on saturday and just outside the north side gates a man on a wheelchair got hit and knocked flying off his wheelchair onto the pavement, the driver of the truck continued on his way as angry fans yelled. Luckily myself along with others were able to catch up to the truck and stop him. Ambulance was there from the stadium in seconds. The man was ok but give me a break... how do you not know you hit somebody?... especially the loud thunk that wheelchair produced.

it can happen i'm sure.


use the bloody crosswalks OR pay attention. (preferably BOTH)
regardless of who's in the wrong there a pedestrian has to remember that he or she is kinda fleshy and prone to death and injury when struck by vehicles...
where as a car is generally big and all metal like... prone to smudging when hit by pedestrians.

You have thousands of people crossing virtually at the same time.There is no way, human nature being what it is, and physics for that matter,that that many people will pool up on the sidewalk and neighbour's lawns to all wait for the light to change.You can be sarcastic if you wish ,but it is safety I am concerned about.

Yes, and there is a third one right between them.

Plenty of places to cross safely.