Fan reaction (youtube) during a game

So I'm watching the Rams/49ers game and I notice there's some people live streaming their football party on youtube. A camera was attached to their TV screen so you'd see them looking in the direction of you.

I'm watching the game using a split screen with one of two screens showing a youtube video of some 8-10 guys watching the game and blurting out their comments (profanity laced comments) as the action unfolds.

I noticed almost all of them except one is obese.

I was tempted to act like comedian Bill Burr (Philadelphia rant) and send them raunchy texts until I would get banned from their video stream.

I was good this time and just laughed at what they said/did during the game. One guy did the Al Bundy thing and stuck his hands in his pants! Apparently no one monitors these things. I was in tears laughing!

We should get all of the posters here and do this for a CFL game!


It was the Barstool Sports channel on youtube:

They don't save the live footage for watching them again later. However, at the 15 second mark in this video the fat guy in black was mouthing off incoherently about something during the Rams/49ers game and it was hilarious: A Look Back At Barstool Sports in 2021 - YouTube
It was definitely him.

No footage of that but it was hilarious! He started to doze off during the game and the camera man panned to him. I was in tears laughing.

Obesity is a serious matter, and one's fatness should NOT be glorified like these guys do.

I'm definitely streaming these guys too when I watch the Super Bowl!