Fan Poll - Which is the best stadium in the CFL?

Which is the best stadium in the CFL?

?New BC Place Stadium
?Commonwealth Stadium
?McMahon Stadium
?Mosaic Stadium
?Canad Inns Stadium
?Ivor Wynne Stadium
?Rogers Centre
?Percival Molson Stadium

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you can vote more than once :wink:

and only vote if you have actually been to any of these stadiums!

Your right, the New BC Place should not be on there !!

These Stadiums are unique in many ways; I voted for Commonwealth because of the atmosphere when I first went in 2008. McMahon; mid sixties since I been there. Regina; have not been there since 1977 Taylor Field; Been to B.C. place when it first opened and enjoyed my time as a season ticket holder from 1989-94. I'm looking forward to attending the October 29th game vs Edmonton in the new version of Telus Centre I guess it's being named?
Edit: Old Empire Stadium was a treat in 1968-69 also

I just checked the poll, Ivor Wynne Stadium is tied for first. Keep voting !!!! :thup:

Fact. Best stadium for a football game WILL be the new Winnipeg stadium next year, no question on that....its being built for football. As for this year? probably a few would rank up there....nothing stands out though.

A good look and info on the new BC stadium:

I will be there tomorrow and will post thoughts on it after the game.

Well if the new BC place stadium is up there its gatta win, that place looks amazing.

how many of us have been to ALL the stadiums?

im thinking along those same lines.

So many factors in what makes a stadium good or bad to someone and to each his own. Someone might think sightlines are the be all and end all while others don't care so much but care more about the concessions and what is served and the washrooms while to others it's about how comfy the seats are etc.

Anyone know if the seats in the new Ivor Wynne 2.0 are supposed to be individually constructed and padded with back rests?

They'd better be!! not sure about padded backs but they will be the individual fold up seats like in most modern stadiums.
The days of being crowded into a bench with no backs are over.

I hope so.
Usually by halftime, the bench seating at the current IW digs into can I say this politely......."cheek bones"?
Although I guess I could bring a seat cushion to the game. (which I always say, but never do) :expressionless:

Would you be referring to your ischial tuberosity?*

  • I just HAD to look this up.
Mark wrote: Would you be referring to your ischial tuberosity?*
  • I just HAD to look this up.

Yes, that's it!
You pinned the nail on the donkey. :wink:

I've been to:
Frank Clair

Best one is IWS of course. You are close to the action and can see from pretty much every seat.

I was not a big fan of Frank Clair
Molson is small, but not bad for being close to the action.
Commonwealth is huge and I felt so far away from the field
Skydump is just that. The grading is awful. I used to sit in 500s because then I could see (being vertically challenged as I am)

I think it's a JOKE that New BC Place is winning. Nobody has even been in it yet.

I'm guessing that is all wow factor related. The foundation of the stadium and where seats are placed has not changed though so it will still have the same great atmosphere as before only better. BC Place is the ONLY dome in Canada that was actually made for football only and not baseball or any other sport. This provides much closer and better views of the field that the skydump or the big O or any dual role dome there is.

You talk like it's a 100% new stadium. Only the roof, seats and screen are new. Everything else is pretty much the same.

Maybe the new seats are crap, who knows. I would say that I wouldn't vote for a place unless I had been in it.

I will be sitting in one tonight so I will let you know. :slight_smile: They are a couple inches wider and really anything would be an upgrade from the old blue seats.

What is the problem with Frank Clair Stadium?
And what are the powers that be doing in regards to the new renovations at FC Stadium? (although I hear there is major bureaucratic tape involved with the renos at the moment)