Fan Poll: 91% prefer earlier season

totals thus far from the Esks homepage...

[b]If you could change the start time of the CFL season, which would you choose?

1 week later - 3%
2 weeks earlier - 20%
3 weeks earlier - 71%
Stay the same - 7%

Total Votes : 1,571[/b]

I would like to do it 1 week earlier. Grey Cup around Nov 20 sounds good to me.

Interesting poll.

I suggested earlier starts in my second thread and I got ripped apart for it. ??????????

OK , I figured it out. Never mind the ????????
The people in the poll are different than those on this site.
To bad they are not. I might have had some much needed back up on this issue.

no disagreement here.
I fully support the poll majority who wish to have the schedule moved up 3 weeks.

remember this is an Edmonton Eskimos poll.
the CFL revolves around Toronto and Ontario what they want they get ???

Where were you when I needed you ? I felt so alone. LOL

Noooooo!!!!! Football in BC is a hard enough sell in June/July. Moving the season BACK 3 weeks = disaster. And going head to head with the Stanley Cup playoffs (esp if the Canucks are in the playoffs?)?? Even worse. There is going to be NO media coverage for training camp. Good luck getting fans interested in the start of the season then.

Let Labour Day still mean "the meat of the schedule is here," not "the season is almost done." Cold weather games have always defined this great league. Don't let one or two colder than normal Novembers have a profound impact on the schedule and the league's traditions.

so says the fan who sits in a temperature controlled domed stadium....

Two to three weeks earlier sounds perfect to me.

Of course, adding a 10th team would eliminate the 2nd bye week needed for each team, and the 18 game schedule could be completed in 19 weeks rather than the 20 we now have. So move it up just 1 week, add the 10th team, and we're done in mid November.

Have to avoid the Stanley Cup finals, that is a no brainer. Would be a ratings disaster , especially if there was a Canadian team making a deep run. A week or two earlier would work. The CFL has only MLB to deal with at their current start date. Why go up against the NBA and the NHL ?

I guess the only reason would be my wife who does like football has no inclination at all to visit the province of Manitoba for a Grey Cup anywhere near the end of November and then sit in an outdoor stadium there at that time where the temp could be friggin killing cold and the price of the ticket expensive. That's just not going to happen. We would love to go there for a Grey Cup and visit Riding Mountain National Park, at Thanksgiving and no later.

It's usually not to bad in November but ........the game being right near the end of November is rolling the dice ! If it's around -10 that won't be bad.

Exactly this.

I would love to attend a Grey Cup in pretty much any of the CFL cities and make it a week long vacation to see the area.
But I'm not spending $400 for a ticket and then leaving at half time because I'm concerned about frostbite.
Did that last year at a Notre Dame football game in November. Once is too much.

I don't recall many if any, that were opposed to moving up the season by a week or two. IIRC the main opposition was for the ideas of going to 16 games, taking out the rouge and going to four down football. You know essentially making the CFL NFL/American football.

Personally I wouldn't be opposed to the CFL moving up it's schedule by a week or two at most. going 3 week to a month might be stretching it a bit.

You can dress for it, think of it as a test of your resolve :smiley:

Voted two weeks earlier, also surprised to see the SCF get mentioned because I believe only 1 SC in the lockout season would have really interfered with the start of an early season, last time i looked.

That's not why it was "ripped apart." Most people would like or could deal with the season starting earlier. It was everything else about your thread.

  • When in June? Rookies need to be available for camp ad rookie camp. If anything, camp needs to be a week longer. They are also trying to keep TSN happy, which is pretty darned important, and TSN does not want games earlier in the year.
  • your second hope was scaling back the number of games played in a gate driven league. No way in hell is that going to happen
  • your 3rd suggestion - Single point...well, that is debated to no end and is generally split. I personally am against altering it. I also think the forced 2pt conversion on TDs in OT is stupid. Nothing wrong with a game ending in a tie.
  • your final point was going to 4 downs. You want to piss off CFL fans, that is a good suggestion. They don't want to see 90% running, and that is exactly what it would be on the CFL wide field.

Don't make it sound like this was your only point and you got ripped apart for it, because that simply is not true.

Objection your honor, counsel is badgering the witness.

For real ? Are you going by memory or did you look up my thread ?
Either way you have a few misquotes in there based on your perception.
I did want to keep it on the poll at hand , but since you opened this up, I will address one point only.

16 - 18 revenue game driven league.
I justified my reasons for 16 games at the time.
OK then why only 18 games ? Lets make it 20 games and make even more money.
That way the GC will be played Dec 15 . Colder the better.