Fan Organized Ticat Shuttle

Hey guys.

After learning of the Tiger-Cats provided shuttle, I got to thinking. The shuttle itself is in my opinion, not well priced considering the other expenses we're already paying to even have a stadium in Guelph. I did some research (and still ongoing), and got some quotes from different transportation companies. What I'm basically asking is, is there enough interest for a group of us STH's to rent a bus for each home game?

So far, I've worked it out to $13 a person round trip for each game except the Thanksgiving Monday. The Thanksgiving game would cost $16 each. I cut the capacity from 47 - 45 just to try and reduce the crowding. This cost includes a deposit of $100 per trip for damages. I figure if we have no damage all season, instead of returning the $1-2 each from the deposit, we just use it towards the bus for the last game of the year, making the bus free. This also saves a ton of money that would have probably been spent on parking. The plan is to leave 2 - 2.5 hours before kickoff, and 30 minutes after the final whistle each game.

Right now it's just in the idea stage, however I'd like to make this a reality if there is enough interest. Im open to any input from you guys as well.

What are the costs? I haven't heard anything yet.

The cost is $20 per game, or $18 per game with a seasons pass. 2 buses each leave all 4 Hamilton and Burlington pickup locations, which are mentioned here:

I think this is a great idea considering the lack of planning the Tiger Cats have done.

I hope you get some more support with this. I am interested for sure.

The Ticats deal is not bad, if you drive you pay 20 bucks for parking, then gas, wear and tear on your car, etc. No worries about driving, etc. This way the Cats do all the work :thup: and you can have a few pops :rockin:

Getting to Alumni Stadium is easy thanks to the Findlay Fan Express, a roundtrip bus service that will take fans from Hamilton and Burlington directly to Guelph on gamedays.

Season-long Findlay Fan Express passes are now available for $157.50 for all nine home games – less than $9 each way – on a first-come, first-served basis.

Single-game return-trip passes are also available for $20 per game.

The Findlay Fan Express will pick up fans at two locations in each city and return to the same location immediately after the game.


Buffalo Wild Wings (524 Centennial Parkway North)
MTO Carpool Lot at Highway 6/Plains Road


Aldershot Go Station (1199 Waterdown Road, Burlington)
MTO Carpool Lot at Appleby Line (north of Highway 407)

Two buses will leave from each location -- an early bus that will stop at Guelph's downtown entertainment district before heading to Alumni Stadium, and an express bus directly to the stadium. Each bus will arrive at Alumni Stadium one hour prior to kickoff. A full schedule can be found below.

Fans taking the Findlay Fan Express will be transported on spacious, comfortable and climate-controlled highway coaches from Coach Canada. Each bus will accompanied by a Ticats ambassador.

Click here to purchase your Findlay Fan Express pass today!

At most, the Ticat buses will seat 55 people each, probably closer to 50. That is only 400 seats for a few thousand STH's. There is 2500 parking spots as well. Another major issue is that neither Hamilton pick-up is easily accessible by public transportation. The Buffalo Wild Wing one is not directly connected and it is a bit of a walk in a shady area. The bus I would be running would likely run out of Lime Ridge Mall with persmission, or a restaurant on Upper James.

I'm sure the Cats will add more buses based on demand, and Buffalo Wild Wings is NOT in a shady area ! It's in the new Walmart (Smart Centre) right off the QEW at Centenial Park Way(hwy20)

But, more buses the merrier, I hope it works out :thup:

I have to agree with DogsFan...

The Hamilton shuttles pick up locations are not easily accessible. Even if you did have a few 'pops' at the game you would still need to drive home after the busses dropped you off way in the east end near stoney creek or on hwy 6. Then pay for a cab home or somehow publlic transit.

Also if you think of it this way. If you have 4 STH's each taking the bus (buddies). Thats 80 bucks. If one of them drives its much less overall. 8 dollars for the cheapest parking plus a few bucks for gas so overall maybe 20-30 bucks divided by 4. I hope people don't really consider this then drink and drive because it will be cheaper than the shuttle. Highway 6 can be a dangerous drive sometimes.

I am wondering if the Ticats considered school busses instead of coach busses. It must be cheaper! I know there are no bathrooms etc but come on its an hours drive.

I am going to be following this very closely to see what develops. Good luck with the bus DogsFan. I would also be interested.


I forgot to mention that the HSR goes to Walmart (Smart Centre) right off the QEW at Centenial Park Way(hwy 20)

There was previously a shuttle from Brantford to IWS, which I was hoping would be happening for this year.

We put down our deposit for our seasons tickets, however we recently learned there would be no Brantford shuttle this year. We decided that we did not want to drive to fight for a spot, or deal with driving in the traffic(we could just sit on the bus) however now we would have to drive to Aldershot to fight for a bus stop.

So unfortunately we had to cancel our seasons tickets. It's really too bad - but I understand that it may not have been feasible for the Ticats to have a shuttle, or perhaps there are not a lot of fans from Brantford (I see very few).

I doubt a shuttle for Brantford fans could be arranged, but that would be great and I would then try to get seasons tickets.

Hopefully everyone else has better luck finding a way to the games.

So now when you take into account the cost of the HSR assuming people dont have passes etc, plus the shuttle its almost $26 per person. Thats about as much as people are paying per ticket per game on the cheaper season ticket plans!

I was responding to the above comment that there was no public transit at the Smart Centre, but now that I have you let's do the math. 157.50 / 9 = 17.50 / that by 2 = 8.75 each way. I am not sure what the HSR is, let say its 2.00 + 8.75 = 10.75 each way x 2= $ 21.50 for the whole gamit, I agree, it would be nice to be a little cheaper but that's not bad.

The Buffalo Wild Wings is out of the way for many people that live on the mountain. Getting there by HSR would take close to an hour. Why isn't Limeridge mall a viable option as well?

If this issue isn't resolved properly, I think the TiCats are breeding a few drunk drivers in my opinion.

Ya, I was wonder the same thing, lime ridge is pretty central for the mountain !

Agree. Instead of 2 busses from Wild Wing and 2 Busses from Highway 6. Why dont they do one from wild wing, one from hwy 6, one from limeridge and one from downtown Hamilton. Not much traffic in and around the core on weekends. You could meet the bus at gore park or something. I dont know. I kinda thought there would be more options available to us.

there is no hsr service after 7pm, seven days a week quite a walk to barton with no sidewalks

I just found out that Limeridge will not allow groups to park on their property for free, they charge a fee, so that could be why, but I am sure there could be another location on the central mountain ?

This is EXACTLY what I thought would happen.

Just another reason for not going to Guelph. Wihout a car neither location will be able to be accessed by the hsr, at least getting home after a evening game

I hate being the eternal optimist on here, but here goes, Things might not be perrrrrrfect but there are always options, on those dates where it's past 7 pm im sure some Ticats fan on the bus will give you a ride to the bus stop, or might even take you close to your home. I have found Ticats fans to be very generous and when push come to shove they will help each other out ! Car pooling might be another option. enterprise has specials on weekend, sometime $9.00 a day plus tax, get a bunch of guys or girls to chip in, etc. Point is there will always be an excuse not to go, but fighting the adversary will make it that much more special when your Ticats win the Grey Cup :thup:

Personally, I am staying at the Best Western across the Street from Alumni Stadium, For 89.00 you get a room, parking is free and a free hot breakfast, no worrying about driving after having a few pops, and if you get a couple people to share the room even cheaper . Just a thought, there are a lot of hotels around Alumni Stadium.