Fan Noise @ THF

Ti-cat fans used to be some of the noisiest in the CFL & opposing teams really didn’t like playing in Hamilton. It’s not like that any more but this game today is very important so come on fans make noise, lots of noise, so our team knows we’re there for them.

Crowd looked bigger yesterday, and was a bit louder in the second half. Still a long way to go before we’re back at ivor Wynne levels.

People have to be in their seats, and engaged in the game, not up on the concourse chatting with friends.

considering there's significantly less people and no stands on either end, I suspect you'll never get it back to that level.

The modern day fans just are not as rowdy as we used to be.
Still remember the days of jumping on the field after the game, running around.
Using profanities toward argo fans…and this is without alcholic beverages.

The game was everything to us;

now its just a place to be, fool around on your smart phone, watch a replay here and there…have a beer and go home.

the last two games should be plenty of indication that the fan base is trending in the right direction. (yes, I'm judging the fans on their performance at the game too now) feel like we did our part.

Tell that to the elderly gentlemen across the aisle screaming "argos suck", or to the 6 year old behind us doing his damnedest to be heard over the shouting of his older brothers, or to the 6-14 of us that start up an Oskee Wee Wee in a moment of need when Pigskin isn't around to do it for us.

Hard on opposing players and fans, but quick with a handshake and a "good game, get home safe" as they leave the stadium in defeat.

maybe it's not everyone around you... maybe.... be a leader?

The concourse dwellers still make noise…trust me on that!
My voice was rough on Tuesday morning. And we get the other concourse fans going!
Don’t be so quick to judge please.

Actually, I saw some fans seated directly below the concourse ringing their cowbells while the Cats were on offence even during the huddle! This concourse dweller personally ‘asked’ them to be quiet.

Fans are not elite.

Shoot Toronto and Hamilton fans are known in the CFL especially out west to the fans of the Riders, Stamps, Bombers and Eskies as “Opera Fans” in comparison, as silent as can be??

but they could be, inconsistent at best :wink:

Unlike stadiums in Saskatchewan and Winnipeg, Toronto and BC for that matter, THF has no over hangs above the stands to deflect sound back down to the field.

The sound is amplified in those other stadiums because of the shelter.

The game is an afterthought. Its now one big saloon where people hang out. Too many options other than watching the game available.Thats the demo the league is looking for.

Dumps like IW, Buffalo Aud and Joe Louis Arena were the loudest fan experiences going.

The common thread is the only options were to be in the stands and watch your game or leave.

Most importantly, unlike stadiums in Saskatchewan and Winnipeg, THF has a large number of ticketholders who don't understand or don't care about giving their home team a strategic advantage, at least not until the final 3 minutes of a game.

guys… this wasn’t the game to bitch about crowd noise.

was fairly solid (if maybe not unstoppable) and definitely throughout the game.

Typically? ya, it’s not great, with fans making noise while we have the ball, and sitting on their hands when we don’t. but improving all season.

I usually PVR the game and when I rewatch it a couple of days later the crowd seems pretty damn loud coming through the surround sound speakers. It feels like I’m back at the stadium. ;D

guys, guys, guys, mark the effing calendars. we agreed on something