Fan Free Agency?

Hey all in good fun and maybe more I don’t care personally, but please this is supposed to be all in good fun here.

I myself was the subject of quite the coup by I think Winnipeg last year in Fan Free Agency when a very powerful Eskie fan on here facilitated my trade without my knowledge.

Obviously I am still here because it did not work and it was all in good fun (or was it?), but, well …hey it’s fun and the offseason. :lol:

The most famous coup of all last year in Fan Free Agency was that one for a pair of old shoes and a week-old burrito that involved a Riders fan.

Otherwise rather than dishing anyone off our side, whom can we steal from other teams? I propose the following for starters:

FYB – I think he likes us better than his fellow Lions fans anyway, because Greater Vancouver just is not the same anymore anyway.

Jordan – He’s a real offensive lineman you know and seems too bored in Hamilton. Ray needs better pass protection too of course, and it is rumoured he sometimes resorts also to smelling things up in uniform just to get an extra edge on the line.

Hit 'Em Hard – He’s the ultimate coup and would not be easy to lure from his Riders man-cave in I believe Regina. It’s worth the battle though because he comes complete with the most impressive man-cave bar I have ever seen as well as a hot tub occupied often by bikini-clad women (so it is said on the bikinis that is) in all seasons of the year.

Legalbeagle – He is definitely an upstanding citizen and probably a good attorney though he does sip cognac by the fire at times to muse about the world whilst at home during the cold winter Sasketchewan. Even so, what group of fans does not need more brains and an attorney? Of course true to form even with an agreement, any such successful efforts might be derided altogether by copious paperwork complete with disclaimers, waivers, poison pills, contigencies, et cetera. We should proceed only with great caution perhaps here, as also he might sue us just for trying!


Why I select Grims; I think as I recall he used to play for the U.B.C.ThunderBirds and like my signature states below;
The Strength of the Group is the Strength of the Leaders. :rockin:

With CFLIsTheBest's status at great risk, whether you will miss him or not for the Riders fan he is, whom do we obtain to pick on in his place?

Well, you have a FA from the NFL here. Been watching this board and the Montreal board. Live in WI so I follow the Packers (grew up in New England so follow Patriots too). But since our players and owners can't seem to get their stuff together I'm switching to the CFL for my football fix.

Welcome to the CFL forums Cheesball.

Welcome. You've come at the right time. The Eskimos are in the first year of restoring this great franchise. :smiley:

Sounds good! Looking forward to learning more about CFL style football. WOnder if I can find games on DirecTV anywhere.. Do they stream them online at all?

So what was the reasoning behind releasing LLoyd? Don't know alot about him, but I grew up in Connecticut and he went to UConn so it grabbed my attention. Changing DEF schemes?

From what I understand; Coach Reed and Stubler want to go with a younger guy into a Def. system that they want to run. then again it could be Lloyd's salary also. Reed did say that Mo Lloyd's presence in the locker room will be missed, so on that note there was friction when Coach Kepley was here last season as the two of them didn't see eye to eye.

Welcome Cheeseball. Two years ago, I took up watching the CFL action during our summertime football withdrawal down here. The rest is history.

Many threads to read here, and to answer this question here is a whole thread on it:


Get the hook up to your computer and it's all free plus also for most any other sport including any NFL game too, but I have a feeling it will be a long while before we hear anything positive again about the NFL.

Thanks! I used to use the atdhe site to watch English Premier League (big Spurs fan) but the feds shut it down (blocked it) recently.

I'll try the other ones mentioned!