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Am I missing something, or is there no link to a fan forum on I can see postings hear on, but no link on the Argos webiste for fan chat to be found. I know the Cats forum is a busy place. The Argos are missing out on a great way to inter-act and have your say.

Good point. It should at least link to this forum in the meantime.

I am very surprised at this. I look at all the action going on in the Cats forum (there is a link on the main menu on their site), and I feel that Toronto fans are missing out on a great experience being able to share their thoughts and have their voices heard amongst fans. And I see fans of different cities, of different teams getting involved with the chats.

I do seem some posts for the Argos on, but the Argos need to get on board. They are having a rough start this year so if it's going to be a long year on the field, keep the fans involved at least. Even if it is bashing the team like Hamilton's fans has been for how many years now. At least they are talking about the team and passionate about them putting a product on the field. They are on the Cats website even through rough times. I think that says something.

And by the way, someone sent me the following:

The fan forums that are linked to the website are all run by MRX, which is owned by Bob Young. The Argo fan site is not affiliated with this website; as a result, there is not a direct link to the fan chat available through other sites.

try perhaps better than this one, but that does not say much

Thanks very much for the link. It's unfortunate that it's so hard to find. I'll check it out.

Does anyone know why the Argos are not on board with this forum? I am not a 'forum connoisseur, but this seems like a pretty decent system?

The Argos site sucks. It pisses me off how they choose to run things.

First of all, how can you have no link to your store on the main page? I only hope they are making changes to it because when you actually could link to it, well, it was a pathetic selection of items to buy.

I emailed them in regards to it and got no reply.

Secondly, how do you have a "fan zone" with no chat room these days?

I would be surprised if any Argo's employee actually read any posts on here, but if one of you are, please take note of this topic guys.

Be more interactive with your fans! For some reason some of us want to spend our money on your team!

No link to the shop on the main page? Does this mean there is one somewhere? I couldn't find it?

Its football season! There are DAYS that pass on this forum when nobody posts at all.

the new arogs site is garbage, its the same site with a few more graphics, their new argos tv feature is a complete joke, looks like some little kid designed it.

LOL! Welcome to the fans of the Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgoooooooooooos!

We all need to step it up on this thing. Cripes, the TiCat fans just crush this forum.

I agree, numbers wise we are brutal! Last in the league on this site. They need to get more bums in the seats to rekindle interest again.

I guess building a winner is the best way to do that. Since we are having a quarterback controversy why not sign Brett Favre to a contract. Ha ha LOL!

That would be awesome!! :smiley:

I definitely agree that something should be done. Days going by without anyone talking Argos is not good. Argo fans have their own fan forum, but it's a shame to see seperate forums. I didn't notice one on the Sask. website other. There was one you could pay for, but Rider has their own forum too. Interesting.

Team forums are a real hodge podge. I believe only BC and Hamilton use the based forums as their official sites. is a fan based forum which gets more action than the official site.

Some other teams operate their own. Sask has one that is only open to fan club members, not sure what the average number of postings per day are, but I am guessing 200 - 500 in season and 50 - 300 off season. is a fan based forum that gets similar numbers.

I believe the gostampsgo is a fan based site that the team sort of adopted (could be wrong about this).

Your right Leeing that is connected to the Stamps lots of players and the ownership appear from time to time to chat with the fans.

Many teams seem to have a couple fan forums. It took me awhile to find a few of them, including the Als fans site. It would be nice to see all teams have a link. I like the idea of having one because it is nice to sign into the Cats site, or the CFL site, or BC site and stay logged on and have one login and be able to go back and forth between forums and interact.

Although on the other hand, I think it's amazing the work that goes into many of these fan forums. Some very passionate fans and these sites have huge numbers. It's great to see.

I think the Argos for one, are missing out on something special not having a link to a fan site from their site. seems to be a good site. This CFL Toronto forum doesn't seem to have a lot of traffic.

The Argo official site is certainly not one of the better ones, that's for sure.
Any news about player movement seems to be in fits and starts.
Maybe Jude St.John could let us in on more news during his riding the rails commentaries. :slight_smile:

that blog is a piece of garbage, lol, they should just cancel their website, and i dont need any more updates on some dumb train ride.

I was looking through some of the topics from last season and found this one.

It's good to see a link to the Argos fan forum finally on their main page. It's under Fan Zone, Friends of the Argonauts.

The site in general is much improved. The fan forum is actually the old site. You can still get to it by typing, but it's officially called Friends of the Argonauts now or

Why not expand our rivalry with some friendly banter over in the Argos forum. :slight_smile: