Fan Forum issues

I am not sure about everyone else, but I cannot change many things about my profile. I emailed someone about this but I haven't seen any changes.

Also when you log in, you have to fool around a bit to get it to go back to the forum main page. A lot of little bugs.

With the amount of traffic on these forums, I think it would be very beneficial for the CFL and the only two teams who seem to subscribe to PNP (Cats and Lions), to encourage a fix these bugs.

I like the idea of having one forum that links to all the teams, but I see why many other teams have fan forums separate from PNP. They are all pretty amazing I might ad.

Have we upgraded to the latest package that seems to have fixes for the bugs?

As well any teams that don't have links on their main team website to a fan forum, should seriously consider getting one. It brings a lot of traffic to your site and your fans are missing out on networking with each other. If I have to do a Google search to find a fan forum for a specific team, you are losing many potential daily hits to your site. Probably hundreds and even into the thousands by the look at the numbers on some of these forums. How many fans bypass the team main sites and just go to the Fan Forum URL's? I am sure thousands.

Yes Toronto, I am talking about you. You don't even have a link to your online shop - last time I looked. And if you don't want to support PNP, there are some great things happening at

I personally think links to CFL gear shops and fan forums should be mandatory on every team site. We need fans showing their colors - clothing and via the written word. Even if fans are ranting about how bad their team is, at least they are talking about the team and probably going to games or at least watching them on TV or listening to them on the radio.

That's my beef for today.


Also when you log in, you have to fool around a bit to get it to go back to the forum main page. A lot of little bugs.

I agree ... a bit of a pain.

8) I was told that some changes and improvements would be coming to this site in the next couple of weeks !!

I understand the Cats site is still being upgraded, but the PNP in general has issues.

Some of the same problems occur on the BC Lions fan forum. It's all the same login and the same options are not available.

Ya - we are getting rid of the postnuke sites, actually getting really close to launching the new forums. Unfortunately due to some technical hurdles (converting from PN to strict phpBB while maintaining all User data, getting new servers in place, etc.), this process has taken significantly longer than we expected.

All I can ask for is a bit of patience - you'll likely see an announcement in the next few days with regards to the forums, so keep an eye out.


Log in, click 'forums' and you're right back at ticat chat.

One click of a mouse.
Exactly how much easier do you need it?

Thanks very much, Jett. GOod to know there are some changes coming. It’s a great forum otherwise, but now that I have seen what’s around, you notice where improvements can be made.


Other forums automatically return you to the previous screen, or at least have a link in the same window you log into that tells you where to go. This way you have to look down the link list on the left to get back in, and then you have to find the thread you wanted to reply to.

There was another glitch that was just recently fixed, where every time you logged in, it went back to the new site so you had to go back through forums, etc.

Like I said, I had brought these issues up to a moderator who said they would pass the info along, but I still seen these issues after a few weeks so I thought I would send these questions out there.