Fan Forum Awards!!!

:oops: AH Shucks!

posting the article here allows everyone to read it, and any facts that might be included in the story before we all make comments on the topic..

if the article wasn't posted, you get the same questions: 'where did u hear this, post article'

Actually Supertoe, I'm one of the "Lazy ones" here that look at Drummers articles rather than go searching.

At some point, I expect Drummer to send me a bill for sharing subscriptions! :wink: :wink:

Ok I'll give you that ro. The video and particularily the spot on stills have been quite appreciated. Thanks for that. :slight_smile:

WATCHOUT! bringing attention to ones contributions to the site might get u a post like this:

Gimme a break.

I've always liked the clips, my only beef is not with the people who post or paste the clips it is with the folks who comment on the posts without actually reading them. There are also those who read things into the clips which aren't actually said but I guess it is each of our right to interpret in a manner which suits us.

Keep pasting and posting Drummer, we all have the right to read or not to read.

What? That does not make sense! :lol:

doesnt make dollars either