Fan Forum Awards!!!

popularity contest ?

You need a most Ugly poster award ....

Ha ha ha definately the Saskargo award winner here!

Delusional award- To the Bomber fans
runner up Larrysmiles
Bully Award Sorry Ro you did bully Kanga but overall you are a good mod!
Sheepish award Has to be the Rider fans! But hey new coaching and new managment they just might have a better team next year.
Braggart's Award BC fans but they have every right to brag for last year anyway! Next year they will get the Delusional award.
Distressed award Has to come to the loyal Eskimo fans 34 years and not counting! Had to be a stress filled year.
Despairing award High expectations came crashing down on these fans it has to be Stamp fans!
Happy it is over Award Tiger Cat fans loyal to the end and put up great numbers at thegate good on you all. Next year has to be better!
Best Moderator It was by a landslide JM02 she does a great job. Runner up Redandwhite
Sorry to see him go award RnR or rickyyouwerenotthatbad I guess now he is BedofRosesRicky!
Drive the mods crazy award Wow this was always won by Saskargo. But this year has to go to Kanga. A certain BC cheerleader is runnerup. And seriously what with all the BC Lion player pictures some of these BC fans had on their posts pretty tacky do you not think!
Change the Subject award Larrysmiles! when it does not go his way simply change the direction.
Peace Keeper Award Two winners on this one Pappa and Redandwhite

If you can add to this great!

I nominate me for dunno...something :slight_smile:

and I nominate everyone else for the same thing too. :lol:

How About Most Educated Yankee? I'd Have Nominate ExPat For This One This Year As Geo Was Rarely Seen.

Geez, you spend the season being a witty, sarcastic, marsupial-bashing poster and you don't get a sniff from the nomination committee. Living proof that the rest of the country don't give a crap about Toronto or their residents. :lol: j/k y'all

I humbly accept the nomination for this distinguished award...whatever the #%&* it most nobly stands for...

Living proof that the rest of the country don't give a crap about Toronto or their residents. j/k y'all
most profound joke I have ever heard :lol:

Nomanashuns for the awrad for the potser mots in nead of a speel chekker:


And the award goes to:

I think you forgot someone!

hey ro1313 that CL-415 looks like it's a nice upgrade from your broom

Add ro1313 to that list.


cmon i have consistanly have had bad spelling for 2 years i deserve thats award

I deserve an award just for being here :lol:

You forgot one of the worst.....Kanga!

Could never actually figure out why we need to have someone reporting, or really for that matter cutting and pasting news stories in forums that are designed for personal opinion. I keep an eye on the news, know where to find the information I need and don't even bother to read most of those posts.


After all the work I do posting video and stills of all the games!!!

Nice to be remembered :roll:

Aw shucks ro1313, we didn't forget you, remember, you are my video replay guy for the "Forum Referee crew" :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: