Fan Forum Awards!!!

Best Original Song Writer : Turkeybend
Best fiction : McMahon

Aaahhh yes!!.. A legend in his own mind! :lol:

The most die hard fans are the Hamilton fans. Despite a losing year attendance was excellent. There are more posts on this website from Hamilton fans than all the others combined. I hope the Cats have an excellent clib in 07.

Can I win one? lol. I really like these boards. Haven't posted much but I come here regularly. I ahve to say I learn alot here. Thanks guys.

....not to lessen your opinion of the ticat fans because I too believe they are for the most part incredibly die-hard supporters, but the reason their posts are large in number is that the Hamilton forum on this site is the official chatroom of the ticats...other teams run sites dedicated solely to their team (,, etc.)...

I Was Thinking That A Ticat Fan Would Be The Most Deserving Of The Die-Hard Fan, But Honestly I Can Think Of A Ti-Cat Fan That Lasted The Entire Year.

Best Fantasy Pool Monderator: Third And Ten For His Work On The Fantasy Huddle.

Best Fantasy Picker: Pigseye.

Most Mocked: Beer Barons For Getting Teasted To No End For His Thoughts On Milwalkee Expansion, And Still Taking It In Good Faith.

Most Reliable Info: Drummer, Or I Guess It's Drumming Now.

I dont know about the die hard award. but Big Dave is a Ti-cat fan and lasted this entire year.

WOW...rookie of the year in '05 and most informative in '06. :thup:

when can i expect these awards to arrive? :cowboy:

ps: i hope they're not as brittle as the grey cup

I remember earlier in the year, some dude said he/she was gonna nominate me for post of the year lol... It was something about Nealon and the Riders...

Well, the plush head office is melting the gold as we speak..
These awards are well deserved and long time comming..
Congratz Drummer..
You to jman..

Here it is...

You have posted better than the one you mentioned, jman...
We just turned off the melting

Dave Deffinatly Was Around All Year, As Too Were Rod The Ticat, And Borehamgirl. However As Far As I Saw None Of Them Had Anything Positive To Say About The Ti-Cats After About Midseason. In All Fairness Both Dave A Rob Are Pretty Humble.

Uh-hum...most die hard know where Lions pride begins. Just saying, I've been a one woman battle ground in defending my team. And taken ridicule in the process. It's gotten ugly in the past (which wasn't really my game plan - I actually am a pretty decent person IN person) and for that I'm regretful. But I'm hoping we can wipe the slate clean and start fresh next year, with a little more effort on my part to not be so offensive when I'm "fired up". It's a good chance to say I apologize for any offensive remarks/comments I may have posted and will try and refrain from the negativity next year (especially to you jm). Truly folks, my intention here was to make friends, not enemies, which I tested at different stages throughout my brief involvement here. I think you all seem like very decent/nice people and I sincerely hope we can move forward. At the end of the day (game), we're all just people trying to make it in this world. And football is our common ground.

Here's to a great season to all of us next year...and to a great holiday to everyone!! Merry Christmas (we can still say that here, right?).

ok selfish mcselferson you cant nominate yourself...

[quote="debralynn8197"] I've been a one woman battle ground in defending my team. And taken ridicule in the process. It's gotten ugly in the past (which wasn't really my game plan - I actually am a pretty decent person IN person) quote]

Where have I heard this before? I am a decent person IN person-- seems that Debra didnt take my advice to go back and read "You can meet Saskargo!!" thread. My advice to you , debra, is the same advice I gave to her-- if you REALLY are a nice person, show it here, and then and only then might we believe it. You have my vote for best doppleganger-- Saskargo's double.

Rookie of the Year?

...yes indeed you can still say Merry Christmas here debralynn....Peace be with you and yours.... ALL the posters who frequent this forum, you have all created a vibrant community, each one of you adding a thought or idea to the discussion that makes this board unique....I look forward to seeing all of you return for the 2007 campaign.....

:thup: :D :lol: :P :wink: :rockin: :cowboy: :) 8) :thup:

I like everyone here and like arguing with them all too! Merry Christmas! That is all I have to say.