Fan Forum Awards!!!

It is hard to believe that we are only a few weeks away from the start of a new year. This forum has had some pretty good posting over the past year. It is time once again for the CFL Fan Forum Awards. Send your nominations to who you think should get the following awards:
Rookie of the Year. To be eligible for this award you must have joined within the year (from January 1st until today).
Most Die hard fan. This can be anyone who appears to be the most loyal to their team. They are always quick to defend their team even though they may face ridicule and be mocked.
If you have any more suggestions to acknowledge the great posters on this forum, please feel free to express it.

I'd like to nominate Kang-Kucha for the "Lifetime Achievement Award" :lol:

I nominate Kanga for all eligible awards.

Maybe we could have the "best poster" from each specific team?

Most thoughtful?

Best at reporting? (I'd like to nominate drummer god for that ... )

Without a doubt…

hey RunNealonRun deserves something a kick in the arse.....

well yah..but like i should be nominated for biggest pain in the A$$ the jordan tootoo of this forum but ive calmed downa bit

I can actually think of a far bigger PITA than you, RnR.....believe it or not.....

see im not tht bad :wink: lol

Hey, someone being worse than you does nothing to detract from the meathead you were previously. know I'm jokin' (sorta) :wink:

as long as there is HP sauce on tht meat im gooood

Hewlett-Packard makes a sauce?

How about a best moderator award?

Not McMahon?

Oh another one i just thought of is most mocked member


We could call it the Andre Proulx trophy

...oh ... and .... drummer god for Commish!


easily Kanga

I dunno BB McMahon and Rawnotsorookieray have taken a decent amount of beating as well