Fan designed jerseys look great!

Scroll down the page and wait for the images to load. They look pretty phenomenal!

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Looking pretty sweet!

i hate every one of them.
too 'arena-league' looking for me.

I didn't care for a lot of it.

very flashy and hokey.

you can't do that with some of it.

I liked the Hamilton one thats about it

Thanks for posting this. I love them all. :thup:

Those look AWESOME!

Ditto for me, they look awesome.
Hire the guy.

my top 3:

I do miss the sleeves but all the players are now tucking them into the shoulder pads so there's less to grab on a tackle (eg all the new NFL jerseys) Interesting how they can use the underarmour to add to the design. I'm sure the jerseys for sale will have more design on the sleeves. I would be great if they copy the new glove design from the nfl. Each palm of the glove has 1/2 the logo so when a reciever puts his hands together for a catch you'll see the full logo!

Stuff looks great and he has a great eye for color but you can forget all of it. CFL stuff is designed by Reebok, creators of the Ziggy footwear.

For the most part they are better than the crap that Reebok gave us in 2005. They still look like they were all designed by the same dude. Reebok gave us basically cookie cutters, other than Ham and Montreal that opted out. Making the CFL look like a pop warner house league. Uniforms should all be DIFFERENT from each other.

I'm interested in that 'undersleeve' look though. Don't know how you could/would enforce that, require players to all wear the same undersleeves as part of the kit. If they did that could be a great way to bring back the sleeve look that was lost in the 90s with the short elastic cuff. I would definitely welcome that.

If I designed the uniforms they would all be unique and they would all kick ass. Some modern-sleek, some old-school, all functional and stylish.

Agree 100%
Reebok outdid themselves with the bastardization of NHL RBK edge uniforms too. Thankfully most teams have redesigned their jerseys so they don't look like thrash. I really hope the new jerseys get rid of the ridiculous piping and same generic patterns and allow teams more flexibility to create their own jerseys.

The uniform is the most sacred part of a team after the logo and I hope more thought it put into designing them. They are a team's identity after all.