Fan Decorum

With all that talk on the locked thread I'd like to pose a question.

What exactly is acceptable behaviour by fans and should the offenders be subject to removal if they go beyond those limits?

I have sat in Box J and IMO there is little doubt that several longtime season ticket holders should lose their tix due to their foul mouths.

I actually believe the first 3 are all cause for removal and the next 2 are idiotic expectations

I agree. The first three are grounds for a talking to from the CAT. If it persists, then the person should be asked to leave.

People shouldn't have to be submitted to that kind of behaviour.

Certainly the first three!

You couuld have inluded a #4 ,if you are an Idiot ,which you qualify for anyway with the first three...

I think the players are tough guys - and should have a thick skin. But they're human, so they make mistakes like the rest of us. I think a fan that's exceptionally rude needs more of a talking to than an expulsion. Aren't there security people around to deal with that sort of thing? I think if the player reacts incorrectly to a fan, that needs to be addressed as quickly as possible right after the game too. It's just wrong for this type of thing to go on too long.

I'm small and easily intimidated, so if another fan threatens me, I sure hope they get thrown out of the stadium - for that game anyway - just so they cool off. I don't mind foul language - I can handle that. We can have our differences of opinion, but don't beat me up.

What happened to the word "sportsmanship" and is there a word "sportswomanship"?

I would never expect to be ejected for wailing out "ref! you stink" or "ref! who wears the pants in your family?"

What does cross-dressing have to do with being a good football ref?

That sums it up quite nicely IMHO :thup:

Is it acceptable for Maas to give fans the finger. This clown is a disgrace and a failure.

Not the issue at all BTW

Um, did you create an account here JUST to post that?

If you called anyone a disgraceful clown and failure then they should give you the finger.

How were your CFL career numbers?

Maas deserves it. so do you.........

I totaly agree that the first three are grounds for ejection from the game. What kind of example are we setting for the younger generation and the little kids?

With all this "JUNK" happening, the game day experience is quickly deteriorating. There is a limit to turning a blind eye and/or ear.

:cry: :cry: :cry:

If he's upset you this much then why don't you speak to him about it in person; after a practice or something.

Let us know how you made out.

Sorry, but ejecting someone for foul language is a little much... kids hear just as bad on television and from their friends.

I love it when parents are foolish enough to think their kids dont swear.

Different people have different tolerances to what's acceptable, so I feel you should have to be asked to stop the behaviour (regardless of what it is, if it's bothering someone then stop) if they won't stop then they should be exited. Personally it would take a lot to get me to ask a person to stop, and I have taken my kids since they were young, they go to school, they've heard the bad words.

  1. any conduct that is unacceptable around children should get you the boot.

  2. any form of violent action or threats should get you the boot.

  3. any form of obnoxious behavior that interfers with the game experience enjoyment of those around you, not including simply cheering for the wrong team, should get you the boot.

Why does common decency need be practiced only for the benefit of children?

IWS is a public place. I don't want to hear profanity. There are still basic levels of conduct while amongst other people.

Just because you chose to express yourself in such a manner doesn't mean all the other people within earshot appreciate your word choices. It's called consideration.

And what about the kids? Sure, maybe they do hear it at the playground. Does that mean they should hear it in public places too, by adults?

Does being an adult and setting a good example not mean anything anymore?

I sit in section 22 in the front row . There is a man and sometimes his father in back of me about 7 rows or so who is one of the most ignorant mouthpieces there is . He stops just short of using foul laungage . No matter what he is always hurling insults at players , coaches and one game even the policemen who were standing just below us . This has gone for years and frankly I am quite surprised nobody had punched him in the mouth . We have even considered taking up a collection to get him moved somewhere else . Frankly I don't know why he bothers to come to the games . Everyone is entitled to their opinions I guess as to whats happening at the games but I am entitled do NOT have to constantly hear that crap . Don't tell me I can always move my seat because of this persons ignorance Note I am not calling him a fan .