Fan Club Trip Cancelled !!!!!!!

8) I just heard this morning on the CFRB sports report that the TiCat Fan Club have cancelled their planned trip to Toronto on Saturday for the game, due to lack of interest !!!

Does anyone know if this is the Cats Claws trip, or another trip run by the team itself ????? Sounds like a lot of fans can't stomach the thought of watching another horrific performance by this TiCat team !!!! :oops: :oops:

I'm thinking that if slow sales were indeed the problem, it might have something to do with the fact it's a 3:00 pm start.

This being the first weekend since the kids are back at school, people may have a lot of catching up to do around the house and don't want to spend an entire Saturday away from home....a 7:00 pm start may have been more's just a possible explanation anyhow..

here's the Toronto Star story...(must be a slow news day for them over in the big smoke :smiley: ...)

click here for story

Won't somebody please think of the children!

Even, if I had kids it wouldn't be worth the 5 minutes it takes me to get to SkyDome to watch the Terrible Cats play.

I went to the season opener at Skydome and left with my head down, I don't want to enter there with my head down.

This will be Toronto's celebration for DA, we gave him one last weekend. Why any Cat fan would want to sit through another DA celebration would be beyond me, especially when the chances are we are going to get blown out, and this time in their yard with some 25,000+ Argo fans. No thank you.

Looks like Borehamgirl is going to have to carry ball all by herself.
I've heard she can make as much noise as 200 fans, so the Ticats should be well represented. :wink:

8) I think that the most realistic reason the trip was cancelled was because Hamilton fans just don't want to pay any more $$ to watch this sad sack team get humiliated again !!!

Actions speak louder than words at this point !!!! The message has been sent !!!!!

I was at the blowout at Skydome - or Mr Rogers place, whatever - last year. It was really embarassing. By the end of the game no fans were wearing TC colours. I think potential bus trippers just don't want that terrible embarassment.

I'd go if it were at the new Ex stadium probably, despite all the hype of Damon Allen day. I don't like going to games at the Rogers Centre much, find it too cavernous.

You just know if the TiCats were winning some games the fans would be there in large numbers. And thats the facts fans.

Skydoom is Awful for sight lines..

$$$$ makes Food at IWS look Cheep..

Plus The Traffic on the QEW

Hell I will Say Home
Have a BBQ Tail Gate.
Bring out the beer..
Turn on the Big Tube.. Enjoy..

No one from here should ever go to Toronto for a game in the future, one part of me says, I remember the '96 Grey Cup here and I don't remember seeing hardly any Argo fans here for that. Ok, times have changed and the Argo's have excellent local ownership now and quality people like Keith Pelley, yes, but that '96 GC was bad on Toronto fans part when their own club was in the final.

Let’s b honest here. It was cancelled because the Cats r having a terrible season. Having said that, don’t u think when a team is down thats when they need the most support? This I can tell u as fact, if it were my team & they played 40 min down the hwy I be going no ? about it. But my team won’t b in the league till next year.
Cheers !!!

I choose to look on the bright side of the fact Ticats fans won't be in the Rogers Centre in droves least the Tiger-Cats won't be facing a hostile crowd!


(sorry, couldn't resist) :lol: :smiley:

8) You sure got that right mikey !!! :lol: :lol:

I'll go down there next November to watch the Cats play in the 2007 Grey Cup.

Good morning everyone.
Sorry this is causing so much concern. The reason the bus trip was cancelled is. NOBOBY WANTED TO GO FOR WHATEVER REASON. I will be there along with a lot of others who will always say. WIN LOSE OR DRAW. This is our team and we need to support them always in good times and bad. pat_cat :thup: :rockin:

Lets hope some people go to IWS to watch Mac play !!!!

Some guys dream BIG. Not a chance in the world!

Amen to that!!!