Fan Busses to Calgary for the Labour Day Classic

I was wondering if anyone has any info on any fan buses going to Calgary on Sept 2 for the game. and if there is room on any of them? and how do I get in contact with them?


Incidentally, when was passenger rail service between Edmonton and Calgary discontinued? Being almost exactly 300 kilometres apart, the cities are too far apart to walk or even bike and too close together for air travel so that a nice relaxing train would be the ideal mode of transportation. With their combined population there’s certainly enough travel between the two with Red Deer and its 105,000 inhabitants exactly in between the two.


It’s sad there isn’t more of a unified showing of the Esks’ fan base in Calgary for Labour Day.

I remember seeing such a thing in the early 90’s. A whole section was just Eskimo fans at McMahon for Labour Day. Played a role in creating a great atmosphere in the stands on game day

There should be an Eskimo fans train complete with Inuit and polar bears!

thanx for the info Baltic Fox but I was more interested in coming to edmonton from where i live (2 hours away) and then hopping on a bus with a group goin to the game in Calgary

I suspect that you can still probably only pay to get the bus ride from the tour operator if you have your own ticket.


That should read unified showing of the Esks’ TEAM in Calgary for Labour Day