Fan beaten in Vancouver for wearing Stamps jersey

Calgary tourist who is in Vancouver for the Grey Cup was beaten for wearing a Stamps jersey..

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just disgraceful. :thdn:


I can relate a little bit to it cyber wise that is...kind of like me coming here with my Bishop jersey on.

Think its referred to as cyber bullying, but its not that much different.

God bless those Calgary fans, hope they manage to enjoy the game and not regret their trip

That's really a shame. Talk about stupid people (the agressors, not the victim)


Neanderthal thugs.

I hope the guys will be okay and that this doesn't stop them from enjoying future Grey Cups.

I also wish a pox on the losers who attacked them. More than that I hope they end up at the mercy of a cellmate.

What a display of poor sportsmanship and immaturity, as well as bad publicity for the league as a whole. Such a shame.

got nothing to do with the league or sportsmanship. Just punks looking to make trouble for trouble sake.