Fan Appreciation Weekend

Kudos to the Hamilton Tigercats and their Fan Appreciation Weekend. It's nice to see they will acknowledge the support of their fans...especially after this season.

What I wouldn't give to be able to attend the event, to be on the field, meet the players and see the final home game of the season. Maybe I can stow away in the Bomber's luggage.

what is this all about, is there an article somewhere about it?

Click here for Fan Appreciation Weekend announcement


What a Crock this is ..
They Lock us Out of Practice and Open one Day.

I may Hate The Argos but they Treat their Fans With Respect.
I went to a Toronto Practice
Pinball Come Over He Talks to Every Fan who Comes in..

After Practice Each Member of The Team Shakes your Hand
Then Thanks you for Comming .. Now that is Class.

Now This Is The Right Way to Treat your Fan Base..
Hamilton Could Learn a Thing or Two From the Double Blue

Still love the Ticats But This Is a Crock..

Everyday should be Fan Appreciation Weekend
Cause with out Us their no Team in Hamilton.

Unless I'm called into work, I'm going to the practice :thup:

For the fans to be able to meet/greet all the 'Cats at the same time is wonderful!!

Thank's to Rob and the organization for this opportunity. It is a wonderful way to show these players that we believe in them for the rest of this year and next, next, ect. For those of you that can not be there I am sure there will be more of these. I really hope this is a great day for everyone. pat_cat :thup:

Geez dude..give it a rest. Just because you felt slighted that they closed practice, does not mean the rest of the fanbase has an ill will towards that act. I for one don't. The best way to treat a fan is to win and play your ass off. If closing practice accomplishes that, then every game day WILL be Fan Appreciation.

what he said! :thup:

Wait until the Argos lose a lot and watch how friendly they are with the fans. Their practices will be closed faster than you can say Pinball.

I respect you all for your Ideas but I disagree.
This has been a Bad Season Closing Practice Just makes it worse..

For who ?...all six of you?

it just not the Closing Practice
the Public Relation for this Team are Awful IMO

Every Year since Bob has Take Over They Got worse.

Closing Practice was just the topping of the Bitter Sunday.

(1) Bad Teams for 3 Seasons.
(2) Trades that where bad..
(3) Ticket Prices Going up in Losing Season.
(4) Prices of Food and Beer Way too High.
(5) Closing Works that have Never Been Closed Before.
(6) Mails not Being Returned From Staff.

you get the Idea.

Here is an Idea Bob
hire a Fan Relations Board.
This could made up of Fans and Members of the Ticats
Including Past Players.