Fan Appreciation Game

1-in-3 chance of winning
Maybe 1-in-3000 chance of winning


Got some Skittles and a mini-football and a $5 Tim Horton’s card…

I think the $20 gift card earlier in the year was nice and a coffee card useful. Certainly didn’t expect even the coffee card.

You got a $5 Tim card ?? What the Hell Mark ?? I only got a $2 Timmies card ???......BUT hey , I did get my mini football , a nice flag and I passed on the Skittles ;D .

How are winners determined? Do they randomly choose seat numbers from those in attendance (tracked thru scanned entry)?

As a seaon ticket holder for close to 30 years, I’ve never had a sniff at being a winner??

It's definitely not random. Seems like almost all of the giveaways occur between the 20 yard lines, in the lower bowl.

I always thought this way as well. Then two games ago the guys who sit in the season seats next to us got selected as fans of the game and scored jerseys and some smaller stuff. We sit about as high up and as far out as you can imagine. In section 202 up against the sidewall.

by the tine I got out the the gat Timmies cards was all Handed out

Problem with the Tim cards were people who left with more than 1

I hear you, as I SQUAT

8)How right you are !!! Over 30 years here as a STH and never a sniff at anything !!

On my way out of stadium I asked about a Tim's card and they said they are all gone.....I got 3
mini bags of chips !!! ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile: >:(

Interesting. Nice to know someone in the cheap seats won something :slight_smile:

Not the cheap seats per se, (5 yard line ish) but the lady that has seats directly in front of mine won a jersey before the Calgary game.

If the team is giving out things to fans as they leave the stadium, maybe they should wait until the game is over.

That way maybe the fans who stayed til the end of the game might have a chance of getting something.

They need competent people hading out 1 card per person. I’ve witnessed it many times with give always that the people handing out stuff give away many at one time so it completes their assignment standing at the gate.
Better to not give anything away than pi$$ off more fans.

I’d rather they give me $$ as appreciation for 42 years of paying them for ST?

I remember when they had the free socks promo night and it was supposed to be one pair per person .
Well the gate I went in they basically had the boxes of socks wide open just inside the gate and there was people taking them by the fistful . Witnessed more than a few people that snagged a half dozen or more pair of those socks .

I won a T-shirt from the TSN 1150 promotion a few years ago, and a T-shirt from the T-shirt cannon. Now that was fun, a lot better than the 'dance cam' or 'kiss cam' in my estimation. Why don't we go back to some of those fun promos - the tire race, the ball throw, the field goal tries? Make half times more engaging?